Benelli’s Parent Company Patents Entry Level Electric Motorcycle

Qianjiang, the parent company of Benelli has filed for design patents for an entry level electric motorcycle under its QJ Motor brand. Motorcycles sold under the QJMotor and Benelli brand share platforms to save on costs and hence a similar electric motorcycles would well be envisaged under Benelli’s moniker.

The bike carries the model name QJ7000D where QJ is the company name and 7000 probably indicates the capacity of the electric motor. According to patent filings, the motorcycle can then churn about 13.4 hp of power.

The images from the patent filing reveal a storage space that masquerades as a fuel tank. One can easily put a full-face helmet in there.

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The QJ7000D may feature manual transmission. Probably, to retain the classic motorcycle feel, the riders are provided with the clutch and gear pedals.

Benelli electric motorcycle

Word has it that this QJ7000D will offer a top speed of 105 kmph. Also, with a full charge, it can cover upto 100 kilometers.

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Besides, in most markets, when we talk of commuting electric vehicles, it mostly consists of scooters. It is nice to see electric sports motorcycles shaping up for the coming times.

With the QJ7000D, Benelli is trying to target the young masses. It could be the flag-bearer for many markets of the world as an entry level model.

Source: Bennetts