Bajaj V15 vs V12 – List of 7 Differences; Tubeless Tyres a Big Omission!

Bajaj’s new V brand, more than the patriotic feeling they are trying to imbibe, is selling because it is something dissimilar – it is a different take on the regular commuter motorcycles. As a result they have sold more than 2 lakh units of the 150 cc V15 so far. And to further expand its portfolio Bajaj has introduced the smaller 125 cc V12.

In terms of design, both the siblings look identical but they do carry some differences. If you are confused between these two siblings, here is a list of all the differences…

This is the V12
  • Engine & Power: The V15 carries a 149.5 cc SOHC engine which produces 12 PS of peak power at 7500 rpm and 13 Nm of maximum torque at 5500 rpm. In comparison, the V12 gets a 124.5 cc motor which churns out 10.7 PS of power and 11 Nm of torque.
  • Brakes: V15 comes with a 240 mm front disc brake whereas the V12 is offered only with a 130 mm dia front drum brake. At the rear both the siblings continue with 130 mm drums.
  • Tyres: V12 also comes with thinner tyres. As compared to the 120/80 section rear tyre of the V15, the V12 gets 100/90 – both 16 inchers. There is a difference in the front tyre as well but more importantly, V12 does NOT get tubeless tyres!
  • Headlamps: V12 gets a 35/35 watt front headlamp which is a brighter 55/60 watt in case of the V15.
  • Front forks: V15 gets meatier 33 dia front forks whereas they are thinner in the case of V12.
  • Dimensions: V12 is also slightly lesser in length and height.
  • Price: And for all these subtractions, you need to pay Rs 6000 lesser to own the new V12.

Apart from these, V12 uses more utilitarian alloy-wheels (see pic of V12) and there are minor cosmetic differences like bar-end weights on the V12 are black in colour, the decals are slightly different, front forks have a cover etc.

V15 vs V12 – Specs & Differences

V15 vs V12 Sales:

For the month of February 2017, V12 registered sales of 6839 units whereas the bigger V15 sold 7197 units.

V12 is targeted for the cost conscious junta who would want to own something different and their preferences or requirements can do with a slightly lesser powerful motor. But tubeless tyres is a big omission as we believe!

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