SPIED: Bajaj SUNNY Coming Back?

Bajaj Sunny launch on the cards? It looks like it as fresh new spy pics suggest Bajaj is testing a full camouflaged mule that resembles Sunny..

Remember the very humble Bajaj Sunny of the 90s? That cute little scooter is probably coming back – albeit with a different heart. Fresh new online spy pics reveal that Bajaj is working on a small scooter that has stark resemblance with the Sunny of the yesteryears.

The scoot gets a small round headlamp with a fairly long and relatively flat front apron along with edgy mudguard. Surprisingly, the headlamp is glowing yellow suggesting a conventional bulb inside, however, that will unlikely be the case in the production model and it should be an LED unit now. Similar is the case at the rear – it looks old. How much of the current spied model goes to production remains to be seen.

bajaj sunny

Unlike the last Sunny, the upcoming Sunny will be an electric vehicle with a simpler hub-mounted motor. There is a high possibility of this scoot being based on the Yulus that Bajaj is making, mainly for the commercial market.

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As is obvious, the Bajaj Sunny will be a much cheaper vehicle than the flamboyant Chetak. And then it will definitely come with a smaller motor, lighter battery and lower range as well as top speed.

Like it did with the Chetak, Bajaj may be wanting to re-ignite nostalgia by bringing back an old, popular brand name. When will the scooter be launched is not known at this point of time.