2-Wheeler Sales Jan 2022: Bajaj Registers Decline in Domestic & Exports

Bajaj sales January 2022 – Monthly numbers are not impressive, however, overall year-to-date figures are green…

Bajaj Auto have reported decline in both domestic sales and exports for the month of January 2022. 

The Gross Sales registered for the previous month stood at 3,63,443 units. It is a drop of 15% compared to 4,25,199 units sold in January 2021. 

The Bajaj Auto sales figures comprise two-wheeler sales combined with sales figures of commercial vehicles. 

Bajaj Sales January 2022

Year-over-Year Sales – 

Starting with Two-wheelers, the total sales sees a decline of 15.97% from the previous year.

The domestic sales dropped by 13.91%, registering only 1.35,496 units in January 2022.

Similarly, the exports dropped by 17.4%, adding up to 1,87,934 units. 

Coming to Commercial Vehicles, the total sales saw a meagre drop of 0.62%.

The domestic sales rose to 14,160 units, up by 5.69% from 13,353 units registered in January 2021. 

The exports declined by 3.92%, dropping to 26,910 units in January 2022 from 25,853 units in January 2021. 

bajaj sales january 2022

Month-over-month Sales – 

The Gross sales, compared to December’s 3,62,470 units, bumped up by 0.26%, to 3,63,443 units. 

Considering Two-wheelers, the Total sales grew by 1.46% in January 2022. 

The domestic sales expanded by 6.19%, while the exports declined by 1.69%.

Commercial vehicles’ Total sales dropped by 8.43%, down from 43,701 units sold in December 2021.

The domestic sales declined by 22.98%, while the exports rose by 2.12%.

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Year-to-Date Sales – 

Comparing the YTD figures of this and the previous year, we observe an increase of 14.45% in Gross sales.

In Two-wheelers, the Total sales saw an expansion of 12.16%, up from 29,43,197 units sold in the same time period in 2021. 

The domestic sales dropped by 2.81% while the exports shot up by 27.28%.

Considering Commercial Vehicles,  all the sales numbers are in the green. 

The total sales numbers rose by 38.13%, registering 3,94,030 since April 2021 to January 2022.

The domestic sales in this time period, increased a whopping 63.69%, while the exports jumped 28.8%. 

bajaj sales january 2022