Bajaj Pulsar AD: Riders Follow ‘2 Gaz ki Doori’ While Performing Stunts

New Bajaj Pulsar Ad tries to promote social distancing even while enjoying the thrills of riding. It also reveals the new Pulsar NS200…

In order to bring it to the headlines just around the festive season when buying sentiments are among the highest, Bajaj has introduced a new campaign for its Pulsar range which is called as ‘Chalk Lines’.

The whole of the world, including India, has been greatly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has brought everything to a standstill. Everyone, including bikers, were locked into their homes, businesses were shut, lives were lost and the struggle continues…

And there is a new normal that has emerged in this era – the social distancing norms. Bajaj tries to build on this and showcases riders following 2 gaj ki doori (6 feet distance) while riding their heart out on the roads.

The TVC features two riders performing acrobatic stunts on Pulsars but they have chalked out two lines which are 6 feet apart. They follow this distance at all times, with the iconic Bajaj theme playing in the background. Here is the video…

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On the release of this TVC, Narayan Sundararaman, Head of Marketing at Bajaj said,

Pulsar as a brand has always been the one to break boundaries and set new benchmarks. Be it technology or gravity-defying stunts, Bajaj Pulsar has always aspired to inspire. With new rules being written in this new age, what does not change is the fact that the product range designed and developed in India is still a bestseller and a world-beater.

bajaj pulsar ad

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The TVC highlights the flagship Pulsar models NS200 and RS200 but also features Pulsar 220 and the smaller variants. The surprise, as you may have already noticed, is the new Pulsar NS200 that gets revealed. You can check out its details here