Bajaj’s Top Official Almost Confirms Upcoming Pulsar’s Engine Size

It will be Pulsar 400 that Bajaj will launch, according to various inputs that we have received, including this new one from Rakesh Sharma…

The last time Rajiv Bajaj announced the biggest Pulsars, they turned out to be 250cc models – one with a semi fairing and the other a streetfighter. This was around October 2021. Now, after about two and a half years, another biggest-ever Pulsar is coming – and it will, obviously, be bigger than the current 250s.

These are not merely rumors and the biggest-ever Pulsar story has been revealed by Rajiv Bajaj himself, at least 2-3 times. The next question is how big will the new flagship Pulsar be?

Initially, I thought Bajaj may not want to really trouble the Dominar 400 and keep that displacement to its flagship brand. That led me to believe that the Pune based maker may carve out an engine capacity somewhere in between ie close to 300cc for its new Pulsar.

However, multiple reports have now suggested that Bajaj may not take so much trouble and it will bring in the Pulsar 400 – that would be based on the Dominar 400’s platform and either use the same 373cc motor or, if we are lucky enough, we may get a derivative of the bigger 398cc motor that we recently saw on the new-gen 390 Duke and Svartpilen 401.

Pulsar 400
It will be interesting to see if the Pulsar NS400 will use the existing 373cc engine from the Dominar or it will get the bigger 398cc motor of the new-gen Duke…

Now, in a latest update, one of Bajaj’s top official, Rakesh Sharma, in an interview, has almost confirmed that the biggest Pulsar will be a 400. The interviewer asks him about the upcoming Pulsar 400 and its possible pricing.

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Rakesh confirmed that the biggest Pulsar is awaited and it is some months away. He did not delve any specific details about the pricing or its placement.

Rakesh also informed that the Pulsar brand has crossed Rs 10,000 crores in sales which will probably make it one of the biggest brands in India. He added that there are almost 20 models in the portfolio that target all kind of buyers, right from a hesitant young buyer to someone who has pretty good biking experience.