Flash our memories to the time when Bajaj launched the classic versions of their Pulsar brands in 2001 which happen to be the first indigenous all-Indian bikes. The bikes looked fresh with every little innocence engraved in their looks yet maintaining the fiery character at the same time. All that we had that time was the expensive Hero Honda’s CBZ with a low mileage and an ugly looking TVS Suzuki fiero. The Pulsars were an instant hit, especially among the youths and symbolized the power of buyers if given a powerful package at the right prices. It also cleared the air that Bajaj is serious towards bikes and doesn’t want others to take away the charge so easily.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi 2009

Almost nearing a decade, nothing has changed much in terms of preferences; Pulsars remain the largest selling 150cc bikes in the country enabling Bajaj to be the countries second largest sellers of motorcycles. The design of the bike was (and is) so flawless that the bike feels nothing stale despite being a nearly 10 year old design. With numerous upgrades Bajaj has tried every bit to keep the bike fresh.

Specifications & Changes: From extracting 12 Ps from the earlier 143.9cc mill, the latest 2009 version churns out a sporty 14.09 PS @ 8500 rpm of power from a 149.01cc one. Peak torque of 12.76 Nm is attained at 6500 rpm. The bike still maintains its grunty exhaust note and lovely engine feel which is reminiscent to the Pulsars. The drawback with the earlier versions of pulsars was the lack of good torque in the lower end of the power band and hence was the reason of frequent gear shifts compared to the other bikes. But ride the latest 2009 edition and all these seem things of the past. The engine is a sprinted performer and has a well sorted power band and has power almost at all rpms thanks to the Exhaustec, which improves the engine torque at lower rpms and provide abundant pulling power. The problem with Bajaj bikes has always been the notchy gear-boxes, bad clutch plates and equally bad sprockets. Sad to say that the gear-boxes retain their notchy character and clutches fail to deliver at extreme loads, feels even worse after riding the cheesy Honda’s!

The Product: The bike retains the fiery stance with those wolf-eyed headlamps and comes loaded with some scintillating gizmos like digital console, backlit switchgear and twin-slashed LED tail lights. The bike comes loaded with 240mm front disc brakes and they do their job pretty well. The braking is one of the best in the market but in comparison to the competition the bike feels a tad less planted under extreme braking. But, nonetheless, people who have owned all the iterations (or had close affinity with them) can easily tell how much the bike has evolved from being a ‘Bad’ handler to a ‘Good’ one but still remains at the last among the other bikes in this segment.

The new version comes in an all- black theme, finally and makes the bike look awesome. It also gets Pulsar 200’s front tank flaps which enhance the look of the bike. The best enhancement in this iteration cloud easily be the inclusion of all DC electrical system which ensures constant and well illuminated roads and constant horns at all times. The bike also gets a wider 90/90 * 17 front tyre along with a 100/90 * 17 rear. Mileage of the bike has always been this bikes forte and this is no disappointment. The bike delivers a consistent mileage in the range of 50-55 kmpl on real-road conditions. Performancewise, this bike is no less than the others and is one of the fastest of the lot, still! The bike achieves a top speed of 120kmph on the Speedo. It comes in four colors, Blue, Red, Silver and Black. On road prices in Pune for this bike is close to Rs 67,000 which is almost similar to the older version.

The bike still remains one of the best products in the market. Go for it if you want a complete package which would cater to both the world’s- power and mileage. Along with it, you would get dirt-cheap spare parts, hence making it one of the cheapest bikes to maintain and own.

Pros: Overall package | Cons: Gearbox, Clutch

Improvement Areas:

  • Better gearbox
  • Better Clutch feel
  • Better knee-recess
  • Softer seats and better cushioning

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  • 2009 pulsar owners… please post some photos of ur bikes and abt handling of ur bikes…

  • shiva

    Its not so good as the ug-II version

  • sm

    I am sick of pUlsar now

  • Rahul

    I am to buy a bike but confused betwin p150 n p180. Will drive mostly in d city n wont put more wt on it as will drive it single i am a thin/avg built person wid ht 5’6″ .being a student , i am firstly luking for driving comfort at speed range of 25 to 45 kmph.secondly for max mileage n lower maintainance cost.n then power ,mascular luk etc.but doubt @ p150 only for its clutch n gears bcoz u need to use them very freqently. which bike wd u suggest?


    Rahul: I am to buy a bike but confused betwin p150 n p180. Will drive mostly in d city n wont put more wt on it as will drive it single i am a thin/avg built person wid ht 5′6″ .being a student , i am firstly luking for driving comfortat speed range of 25 to 45 kmph.secondly for max mileage n lower maintainance cost.n then power ,mascular luk etc.but doubt @ p150 only for its clutch n gears bcoz u need to use them very freqently. which bike wd u suggest?

    buy apache rtr 160 carb version…its any day better than pulsar 150…clutch and gears are too good…even cost wise it is urely better than pulsar 150…when ur getting higher displacement and higher power with the same mileage…why settle for something less???

  • Yesterday i booked a pulsar 150.. I wil get it within two days..

  • Shekhar Sinha

    Dear Readers, go for FZ16 or FZ-S. Pulsars are too common, feels dated & troublesome. The FZ is expensive & may not be the most frugal bike in its class but its still the best 150CC naked bike around.

  • susssssss

    hi sir/madam
    iam a engineering student .the distance of college is 50 km

    i want u r help that is i want buy a bike in 150cc . which bike is given good performance &milege.i saw the pulsar , apache rtr160 ,cbz xtrem ,unicorn
    pls give me suggestion iam waiting to u r answer




  • Aaditya

    I’ll recommend New Pulsar 150, The bike is overall good, in looks, comfort and mileage is also b/w 50 to 60. Moreover bajaj give best service after sale.

  • Tarun

    I want to buy a Pulsar but confused in 150cc or 180cc ,,, so plz help What to buy ??

  • vinod

    for better mileage choose 150 14.09 bhp
    and for performance choose 180
    17.1 bhp

  • Ejaz

    I wanted to buy New bajaj Pulsar 150 dtsi…I like it BUT
    what i give 1st priotity is comfort as i am having back ache..I 6 feet tall..
    Is it comfortable???

    pls give ur opinion

  • Rajeev

    May i know what is the average milage for pulsar 180 and 150 planning to buy a bike.

  • pradeep


    plz tell which is best in class in 150cc when comparing to all other barands in india.planning to buy in a week so plz reply soon

  • kaustuv

    plz rank these three in order-pulsar 150,fz-s,fz-16,apache 160

  • padh

    I have pulsar 150cc (2009 version). it seems good but lack of problems in gear and clutch.

  • Subhabrata

    cbe120: 2009 pulsar owners… please post some photos of ur bikes and abt handling of ur bikes…

    it is very much handy, comfortable

  • pravin

    i owe a red pulsar 150 cc since 5 months back. but i am not satisfy with the look and want to modify some of its parts.so can any body please suggest me anything about the changes to be done?

  • karthi

    Hi,I thought of bokking the bajaj pulsar 150 cc 2009 model.what is the problem in clutch and gear box;

    and also pls tell me the gear system of this new model?


    I want to bye a pulsur 150cc can u help me on tghis?

  • arjun

    the new pulsar 150 cc is very good bike. i owed it it is very smoothy. and also give good mileage abt 55kmph the gear shifting and cluth is smooth
    i like my bike very much

  • satha

    150cc bike was very nice
    but mailage was not satisfied

  • murugesh

    pulsar bike is very smart but milage is please improve

  • sumit

    i owned 2009 pulsar 150cc black.it is awesome bike.it is more powerful than the older one.luks are very nice.gear shifting n handling is comfortable.mileage is also satisfactory abt 50kmph or abv depends upon driving.pickup is vry good.it reaches vry vry eaisly at a speed abv 100km/h having two persons.i luv dis bike….

  • chethan

    Hey guys,
    I was planning to take pulsar 135ls but as people told it vibrates at higher speeds, i dropped it.
    so i have in mind now pulsar 150 and unicorn, please suggest me between them. i will be using it for long term.
    guys plz suggest…….

  • pranav

    i think chethan u shud go for pulsar 150 as i also have pulsar 150 and my friend have unicorn but my bike is better than his bike and he also says that my pulsar is better than his unicorn.

  • chethan

    Thanks pranav,
    can u tell me wat differences u find between them and in wat way ur pulsar is better than unicorn?
    people tell me tat if u ve a pulsar then u r a regular customer of service center!!!
    And also i heard tat unicorn is for long term and pulsar only 4 two yrs or so…….
    so plz share ur comments ….
    others having differences bet these two bikes, plz share ur opinion…

    • karan

      chetan go for rtr160 u will get much more power and mileage the p150 its suckss!!!

  • Sohrab

    For me Pulsar is the best of all bikes that I have ridden. Style + Power

  • spurthiraj.c.g

    hi friends…
    i’m confused between rtr 160 and p150…
    which will be more good for me.. as i’ll travel a maximum of 15kms/day and almost speed in range of 60-90… i’m not woried about mileage just help me with riding comfort.. i’m just 5’10” tall…

  • Biplab Roy

    I have the latest Version that is UG 4.5 Of this bike……………Well Its gd Bike for riders Bt nt for racers….because When u r riding at the speed Of 50Km/hr U will get the mileage of 50-55 Bt as U cross The Speed Of 100Km/Hr u will Get the Mileage of Abt 30-35……….

  • Biplab Roy

    And in terms Of speed I have reached the top speed Of 131Km/Hr…….

  • prabhakar

    I want to buy a Pulsar but confused in 150cc or Apache 160 rtr ,,, so plz help What to buy ??

  • srinivas. voleti

    i like bike bajaj palsar

    • srinivas. voleti

      i am red byke bajaj palsar 17-12-2011

  • shubham

    Awesome byke ever seen very comfortable and passionating which feels really grt

  • mohammed

    rokz bike

  • nvs

    i personally like ug4 p150 than new one due to rubbish clip ons

  • maroti deshmukh

    bjaj pulsar 150

  • my daily run is about 30 km i am confused in 150 segment pular 150 OR apache 160 OR CBunicorn OR CBZ??plz help me i want look and avrg…

  • khaja pasha

    pulsar 150 is comfort bike really.



  • zeeshan

    bro i hav cut d filter cap roof coz fitin an knn filtin needs ecu remaping so will it harm my bikes engine n milege

    • naveenkumar

      hi friendz..!!
      i’m going to take new bike…
      which z better pulser 150 r 180 ..???
      help me friends

  • Rajiv

    I bought mine in April of 2009 and have been riding it regularly since then… I tried taking it to all extremes and it never let me down… I love the bike and would love to repeat it in my next purchase… Nothing is perfect in this world.. But if you get the perfect blend of all goods, nothing like it!