Bajaj Confirms Pulsar 125 First Time; May Have Revealed Launch Date

Pulsar 125 launch date is expected to be around 5th September as has been communicated by the brand.

So the Pulsar 125 is real and it has been officially confirmed by Bajaj for the first time. We have received a ‘Block Your Date‘ invite from the company for its media ride.

Bajaj already sells a Pulsar NS125 in international markets which is based on the Indian Pulsar LS135. But reports predict that the Indian version will be different and may, in fact, be based on the current Pulsar 150 (entry level Neon edition).

Bajaj may use the more powerful 125 cc engine of the international Pulsar NS125 which produces 13.05 PS of power and 11.4 Nm of torque to make it ‘sportier’, instead of the Discover’s motor.

The question which you may ask is – Why a 125cc under Pulsar brand?

A simple answer to it is the changing market dynamics because of the latest ABS/CBS ruling. Since the cap is at 125 cc, makers have the liberty to equip motorcycles under this displacement with the significantly cheaper CBS (combined braking system), instead of ABS (antilock braking system) which is lot more complex and escalates the overall cost of the two wheeler.

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Bajaj hopes that they can give the motorcycle an initial push by using the immensely popular ‘Pulsar’ branding. And since they appear to have decided to keep the Pulsar brand limited to the 200-220cc range, a lower capacity model is not expected to have any significant brand dilution.

This is the international Pulsar NS125

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Pulsar 125 Launch Date

The media ride is scheduled for the 5th September 2019 in Pune and we expect the official launch along with its price reveal on or around the same date.

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Depending on how heavily equipped the Pulsar 125 turns out to be, we expect it to be priced between Rs 58,000 to Rs 62,000 ex-showroom.