Bajaj 14th April Press Conference: Key Pointers

On 14th April ie just a couple of days back, Bajaj introduced their new ‘Adventure Sport’ brand in India with the launch of two motorcycles – Pulsar AS 200 and Pulsar AS 150. At the event they also talked about few of their upcoming products and future strategies.

Bajaj-Pulsar-400CS-Cruiser-Sports-Pics (2)

14th April Bajaj Press Conference: Key Pointers

Here is a quick list of the interesting and related stuff that was announced…

  • Global Market Share: Bajaj currently has a global market share of 10 per cent, which they aim to grow further and would be happy at something around 30 per cent. A tall order really!
  • New Markets: They plan to continue increasing their global market presence with 14 new markets in two-wheelers and 12-13 new markets in three-wheelers. Although they did not give us a complete list, but did let slip that Saudi Arabia and Russia will soon get Bajaj motorcycles.


  • Pulsar RS200 Bookings: The recently launched Pulsar RS 200 has reached the milestone of 2,000 bookings so far, which is putting them well on target of selling 2,500 units per month.
  • Pulsar 400s: Bajaj intends to launch the new Pulsar 400s within this financial year. (More Details)
  • KTM has emerged as the largest selling brand in Europe (followed by BMW) and is the second largest premium motorcycle manufacturer in the world behind Harley Davidson.
  • One third of all the KTMs sold around the world come from their Chakan plant in Pune, Maharashtra
  • On Scooters: Bajaj wants to continue and keep growing as a successful motorcycle manufacturer and Rajiv Bajaj reiterated that he will not return to scooters. He believes in becoming the Master of One and not Jack of all Trades. He does not want Bajaj to be like General Motors who sell millions of vehicles in different categories and are not yet commercially successful. Instead he would rather be like Harley Davidson which produces a smaller number of bikes but is one of the highest revenue generating manufacturer.

They intend to grow and be known as a specialized unit around the world for making quality motorcycles. They do agree that they took a huge risk by leaving the successful scooter business and focus all their attention to the lucrative motorcycle market. However, they are not regretting their decision! With KTM already established as a major player around the world Bajaj now is ready to channel its energy on the desi-bred Pulsar.