Get Ready for New 690 Duke; Made in India by Bajaj!

New Bajaj-made 690 Duke is under consideration and KTM CEO says it is definitely coming in the next two years! More details below…

So, there was a lot of hullabaloo about the new 490 platform that KTM was developing. There was a whole barrage of motorcycles that it would have spawned and the biggest point of interest was that it was to be made by Bajaj, in India. Inferring terrific bang for the buck and possibly the most attractive twin cylinder sports motorcycles.

However, recently we got to know that this project had to be shelved because Stefan Pierer, head of Pierer Mobility (KTM), thought that such a capacity is ‘not interesting’ and there go our hopes of an affordable twin!

Bajaj-Made 690 Duke

But worry not as a latest word from Stefan has emerged that could be even more interesting. In an interview to a renowned magazine, Stefan has announced that KTM is working on a new, bigger 690 (or 650) platform. It will be a downsized version of its current 790s and he believes this will have a better chance in the market.

bajaj-made 690 duke
790 Duke that was sold in India for a brief period. Pierer says that the new 690 Duke will be a downsized version of the 790 platform…

What is of utmost interest to us is the fact that motorcycles on this platform will be made in India, by partner Bajaj and the first model on this platform will be the 690 Duke (or the 650 Duke). Pierer says that discussions are underway with the Indian major and the twins will be made here in the coming two years.

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The plan is to make the India made 690s cater to neighboring markets like Nepal, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, obviously apart from India.

So, there we have it – a very interesting development for all you guys who had this question – When will KTM bring its bigger (mid) capacity motorcycles to India?

Surely, the prospects of a made in India twin cylinder 690 Duke, with truckloads of power, sharp handling, great features – at a very attractive price tag are luring. We just hope it comes to us before Stefan loses interest in this segment as well 😀 .