Kawasaki Bajaj to Launch Pulsar 200NS in Indonesia

The strategic alliance between Bajaj and Kawasaki is one partnership that has been the longest surviving in India. Though, Bajaj’s current products are indigenously built in India, Kawasaki and Bajaj share strategic ties for many markets including India. Like Bajaj takes care of all the sales and service of Kawasaki products in India.


The news now is that Bajaj Auto and Kawasaki Heavy Industries have planned to set their foot together in the Indonesian market. They already work together in a few markets like India and the Philippines.

This alliance will aid Bajaj Auto in bringing its products into Philippines through Kawasaki’s existing set of facilities and their channel partner as well.  The happiest news for Pulsar Maniacs is that Pulsar200 NS is gonna be the first product to enter the new market. This will be followed by other products as well.

Bajaj will launch Pulsar 200NS in Indonesia sometime in this financial year itself and Bajaj claims that Kawasaki has made some minor tweaks to the motorcycle probably to make it Indonesia-market ready. After Indonesia, Bajaj has Brazil and other ASEAN markets in radar for future expansions.

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