Bajaj Freedom CNG Mileage – What is the Total Range (Claimed)?

Let’s talk Freedom CNG mileage and its certified fuel economy before we do real world tests. This would give you a ballpark of what to expect…

Now that we know a lot about the product and the world’s first CNG motorcycle – Bajaj Freedom is in front of us – the next question is how many kilometers can the motorcycle do before requiring a new visit to the fuel pump?

Here is a quick 35 second video that talks about just this…

More Details

First let me tell you about the capacities. Freedom comes with a total CNG tank capacity of 2 kilos and for petrol it has a 2 liter tank.

Bajaj has revealed that on CNG, Freedom can do a certified 102 kms every kilo. However, it quickly adds that this is on a conservative side and in its internal testing the company has achieved around 120 km/kg run in one full tank and claims that if ridden properly, riders can safely expect around 110 km. This means that on CNG alone Freedom can have a range of over 200 km.

Freedom CNG Mileage

The rated fuel economy of Freedom on petrol is 65 kpl which means it can run around 120-130 km before giving up. Total this and we come to a range of around 330 km when you have CNG and petrol both filled to the brim.

freedom cng mileage

This range is definitely not ground breaking and in fact it would be lower than most 100-125cc petrol motorcycles out there. But there are two things that you need to consider. The first is – obviously this is a start and there will be more products that this platform will spawn in due coarse of time.

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Second, and more importantly, this is presented as an alternate against electric vehicles. And when you look at it from this angle, a range of 300 plus, or even 200 plus on CNG alone makes it an interesting option. Do note that current electric motorcycles can not do even this much. For example, all-electric Revolt RV400, that costs close to Rs 1.50 Lakh, has a range of around 150 km.

These are obviously rated or claimed numbers and we will definitely talk more about Freedom when we have the motorcycle for testing. We will also talk about – “why didn’t Bajaj give a bigger CNG tank on Freedom?” in the coming days…