Bajaj FREEDOM CNG – 3 Variants & Their Differences [Video]

Let us quickly discuss Freedom CNG variants; and what are the different features that each one of them gets and misses on…

Bajaj is offering its 125cc Freedom CNG motorcycle in three variants and with different level of features and prices. Here are all of them and their details…

Freedom CNG Variants

Here is a quick 59 second video that displays all the variants along with their respective features. You can check it out…

Here are all the details of all the three variants..

NG04 Drum

This is the entry variant in the Freedom range. It comes with drum brakes, alloy wheels, conventional bulb headlamp and basic instrument cluster (without smartphone pairability). Further, the tyre size of this trim is also thinner than the other two variants (80/90 17 front and 80/100 16 rear) and it also comes with a metallic engine underbelly cover. It also has a smaller rear drum brake size of 110 mm.

freedom CNG variants
This is the base variant of Freedom…

It is offered in two, relatively basic color shades of Pewter Grey with Yellow and Ebony Black with Red. It is the only variant that is priced under Rs 1 Lakh and costs Rs 95,000 ex-showroom.

NG04 Drum LED –

As the name suggests, this gets a LED headlamp along with a drum brake set-up, with alloy wheels. It also carries the same basic instrumentation but tyre sizes are fatter 90-18 17 at the front and 120/70 – 16 at the rear. It comes with a stylish plastic+metallic underbelly.

freedom CNG variants
Here is the mid variant of Freedom CNG

It is priced at Rs 1.05 Lakh ex-showroom.

NG04 Disc LED

This is the top of the line variant in Freedom’s line-up and comes with a negative LCD digital instrument cluster. It also has Bluetooth functionality through which you can pair your smartphone for various additional features. It is also the only trim that gets a disc brake at the front and the same plastic+metallic underbelly as well as fatter tyres.

freedom CNG variants
This is the top of the line Freedom

Bajaj has priced it at Rs 1.10 Lakh ex-showroom.

Bajaj Freedom CNG – 5 Quick Details

The top and middle trim Freedoms are available in five colors – Carribean Blue, Pewter Grey with Black, Ebony Black with Grey, Racing Red and Cyber White.

The basic mechanicals, including the engine, CNG and petrol capacities, fuel economy, etc remain the same for all the variants. It should also be noted that Bajaj will commence deliveries of the higher trims first and the entry variant will be dispatched later.