India is the second only to China with respect to manufacture of two wheelers, and Bajaj auto certainly claims a good share in this. Although, it started low key with production of 2-stroke scooters as early as 50s of the last century, it forayed into the 4-stroke motorcycle market by 90s and with several models in its kitty is more popular than the erstwhile Hamara Bajaj, our old grandfather scooter.

discover 135

With increase in the demand for high capacity engines automobile giants seem to be continuously evolving newer models to entice the youth. Bajaj has 4 variants in the Pulsar segment its high-end 4-stroke bike. These are Pulsar 180 DTSi, Pulsar 150 ES DTSi, Pulsar 200 ES DTSi and Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. It has 2 variants in the Discover segment, the economy bikes from the Bajaj. These include the Bajaj Discover 125 and the Bajaj Discover 135 models.

The new variant Discover 135cc DTS-i is the Sports version with attractive Nitrox Suspension as well as front disc brakes. Looks wise the new Discover 135 cc is sexy and hot. It comes in blue, red and black colors.

The bike is a little heavier than its younger brother the Bajaj Discover 125cc but with enhancement in power. The new Discover 135cc has definitely increase in power delivery from the time the throttle is raised and its smooth and the acceleration is about 60 kmph within 4 seconds and that’s cool for a bike of this class. Bajaj Discover 135 cc has valves reworked and the bore is also tweaked such that it displaces 135cc. Know what? Bajaj translates PS directly to horsepower. So, a 13.1 PS in this bike gives 13 bhp. Although, it just a marginal increase with respect to additional cc the end result in terms of power is proportionately greater with a peak torque of about 11.88 Nm relative to the 10.8 of its younger brother at same engine speed. Aside, there is the DTS ignition, the digital CDI ignition and ExhausTEC technology that translate into enhanced power, performance as well as fuel economy in the new Discover 135 cc version. The exhauster and the heat shield come in matt black finish. With a wider rear tyre, the bike can effectively tackle the crowded street scenario.

The bike is priced close to Rs. 50,000-mark, which is also about 3000 rupees higher than its earlier version, but the features it offers are more than the price differential. So, if you are not in a position to afford the Pulsar, guess it’s a good alternative in front of you with great riding control, par good performance and what more? A mileage up to 55 km per liter within the city and up to 65 on the highway, and I believe that the resale value of your Discover 135 cc will be second to none, considering if you want to promote to Pulsar soon!

So, go ahead and discover the jadoo the new Discover 135 has to offer you!

Bajaj Discover 135 DTSi Specifications:

Displacement: 134.21cc
Engine: 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, DTS-i
Maximum Power: 13.10ps@8500rpm
Maximum Torque: 11.88nm@6500rpm
Gears: 4 Speed
Top Speed: 103kph
Weight: 133.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 10.00 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1305.00 mm
Wheel Type: Alloys
Wheel Size: 100/90 x 17 mm
Tubeless: Yes
Suspension(Front): Telescopic
Suspension(Rear): Trailing Arm
Brakes: 240mm Disc
Brakes(Rear): 130mm Drum

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  1. Bad performance on High-way.Bike get Vibrate on The Speed of 60km,till After 4 servicing,Also the side Lights of Front side make a crackly voice on 60km speed.

  2. No Power for two in 5th gear flat road…top speed of 85kmph, even splendor can reach 95kmph with pillion…useless bike from Bajaj, why did Bajaj kill XCD125? What about XCD125 owners? What about re-sale value?

  3. Just recently I bought this Discover 135 Disc Brake DTSIE

    Though tank looks stylish, indicators are not good.

    I wish to listen good and bad about this bike.


  4. Bajaj need to cteate the trust in customers that they are not going to change the models frequently..For every six months they r discontinuing/modifying the existing models…with this old customers find it difficult to get spare parts and re-sale value for their bikes…New Discover 135 hve digital speedo and tank scoops etc. as New features…with an increase of Rs.3000 with this the bike cost became 59,000 Onroad before it was only 56,000 and show room people made it as Rs 60,600 as OnRoad price ..

    The Older model of Discover 135’s sales graph is good and the customers are also much satisfied with the price tag and features of the old model…Now the sales of this New discover 135 is in worst position..Most of the Lovers of Bajaj are turning out to other Models like Honda shine,
    Unicorn,Passion Plus,Splendor plus etc…

  5. The newly launced Bajaj Discover 135cc with a side light just after the launch of old model Bajaj Discover 135cc was not that superb on road. The bike hit the market with a bang but as expected did not work that good. As my personal experience with the bike is superb. I personally has ride the bike till 107kmph, it start shivering after it crosses 85kmph but that is very good if you see for a 135cc cylinder. The handling of the bike is also cool inspite its not that smooth very taking a sharp turn, however I can rate it 8.5 on the scale of 10. The bike has many good and advance feature like digital speedometer, side light, disc break and many more.

  6. I have a discover 125cc. The tires are worn out and I wish to replace them. Is it possible to replace the rear tire which is 300/17 with a 100-90/17 tyre which is much more bigger tire. will be there any problems if I do so? Pls advice

  7. Srinivas: Excellent Bike except the tank mounted integrated tail lights..because of this the it looks ugly…

    I was going to purchase discover135 but when i see it then refuse only one reason and that is in-built indicator in fuel tank. otherwise it is very good great satability and grip on the road with excellent milege

  8. the old discover is good looking. but the new one with side light in the fuel tank is copied form tvs flame it is horrible & not make sense

    • Bajaj Discover 135 dts-i is an extra ordinary bike with a new sylish look.Bike’s performance is good,but it’s maintanence cost is very high.

  9. the old bike is good. the new discover with the integreated side light in the fuel tank is copied from tvs flame & does not make sense to buy

    • I have Bajaj Discover 135 dts-i.Bike get Vibrate on The Speed of 60km,till After 3 servicing,Also the side Lights of Front side make a crackly voice on 60km speed.

  10. Hi guys I m going to buy Discover 135 DTSi. I read comments of all guys. Different Comments make me confused. So, advice me and tell me true about Discover 135 DTSi (New) and also about HERO HONDA (PASSION PLUS Or PRO). What we should do? I m waiting 4 ur reply. Pl mail me.

  11. nice bike i’m using from past 10 months good mileage at 55-60(depends on which brand petrol i put shell-60 any other it varies)
    bike has a disadvantage and and an advantage
    disadvantage is its rear tyre doesnt have a proper grip
    advantage is its design im alive today because of its design
    i met with an accident the bike saved me without even a single injury to me or scratch to the bike
    any other bike i would have been dead

  12. I wish bajaj would have continued on with the 125 cc models without fooling the public with minor changes in design but hefty hikes in the price. The digital odometer on my brand new bike stopped working 20 minutes after i bought it. If u r looking for a good bike, look elsewhere. bajaj is not reliable

  13. @Manju,
    If u want powerful,stable,sturdy,strong and Economical bike go for Discover 135.(It’s better to take Disc version).
    Disc 135 is giving a mileage 60 kmpl in city conditions and 60 to 68 on highways.

  14. i have Bajaj discover 135cc 2 year old but from starting i got
    stearing problem bajaj service was not cure the problem

  15. Hi guys I m going to buy Discover 135 DTSi.I read comments of all guys.every comment are negative,i am tottly confused pls advise me and tell me true about Discover 135 DTSi and also about HERO HONDA What we should do? i m waiting 4 ur reply. Pl mail me.

  16. Hi guys I m going to buy Discover 135 DTSi.I read comments of all guys.every comment are negative,i am tottly confused pls advise me and tell me true about Discover 135 DTSi and also about HERO HONDA What we should do? i m waiting 4 ur reply. Pl mail me.

  17. Dont go on anyones comments.

    The best thing is you just go to Bajaj and Hero honda showrooms get the technical specs of both the bikes(or u can visit bajaj and herohonda website, dont find it on other sites, they show fake and older models of the bikes only visit the source brand website) then compare both. Also compare look and style of both bikes, might be you could find New Discover with front indicators integrated in tank so ugly.

  18. hi guys, i bought bajaj discover 135 dtsi before 3months, i like my bike very much, it has all features equal to pulsar 150, its speed and pickup also as same as pulsar 150,its digital speedometer is amazing in night view. it has very powerful 135cc dtsi engine… totally i’m very lucky to have this bike.. my suggestion to all guys to but this and b happy like me..

  19. hey 135 cc bike is not ment for 113Kmph
    if u wanna fly on bike u must have bought
    pulsar 220 or so y dont u try “Ninja 250”

    this bike is going to give best mileage
    when the ride control button is on!!
    means between 40-55 Kmpl.

    It is the best bike in the market till date i think!

  20. Hiiiiii guys i want to purchase some good bike in range 45000-60000 please help me to purchase the good bike
    I want that type of bike which is stylish,milage is good,looking sporty,andlooking good bike.I thinking about Unicorn bike this bike is right or wrong for purchase please help me guys please……..

    • go for Honda Unicorn. Its the best 150cc bike on Indian soil till date in terms of engine refinement, mileage, comfort, handling, gearbox and maintenance. Believe me, I have had this bike for 5 years and got my unicorn serviced only 4-5 times and still its super smooth and returning a mileage of 50 Kmpl. Not a single problem till date. Now give me any bajaj bike which lasts this long without any problem. They are making flashy toys and ppl get attracted to them but eventually stability, reliability and peace of mind matters. And Bajaj stands nowhere before Honda in terms of technology and quality.

  21. I have discover135 with disk vr. and i replace the handle with bajaj pulsur 150, its gives me great grip on the road and sharp has all features equal to pulsar 150, its pickup also as same as pulsar 150.

  22. Hi.. Friends. I bought a new discover 135 on Aug 14 2009. Sportive model-disk brake, white line at rim, gas filled rear suspension, digital speedo mtr. And cost was 58,000(on road). I got normal mileage around 60-70. But if u want 2 ride more than 90 or 100 kmph ur mileage will b 42-48kmpl. In case u vil ride below 50 kmph u can get great mileage(70kmpl), sometimes u may go 60-65 kmph then ur mileage around 55-60. But finally it is a comfortable bike 4 who rides smoothly. People pls check ur clutch plates who has disturbed by silencer noise. Often u have 2 tight ur clutch movement. Then u feel GREAT.
    All the best 4 forth coming joiners at DISCOVER family.

  23. Hi guys I m going to buy Discover 135 DTSi.I read comments of all guys.every comment are negative,i am tottly confused pls advise me and tell me true about Discover 135 DTSi and also about HERO HONDA SPLENDER PLUS. What we should do? i m waiting 4 ur reply. Pl mail me.

  24. Hello sir..i have discover dtsi 135 bike without discs…now i want my bike to enhance with disc n i want to use tubeless tyres……is it possible…will it affects my bike mileage…

  25. Hey Guys, Am planning to buy a new bike i had narrowed down to 2 options 1) Bajaj Discover 2) Unicorn. But the afore mentinoed review confuses me much. Is it advisable to go in for Discover or not.

  26. hey frnds i have discover135cc bike bt it make alot of vibration above then 60kmph it is largest problem of this bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. hi guys i bike this bike on 2nd september 2009 it’s superb and excellent control on roa… it’s pick up is almost same as pulsar 150 but mileage of the bike is more than pulsar…
    guys,if u want to buy a bike in 125-150 cc segment then this bike is best..with comparison to honda stunner,passionpro,unicorn this is the best bike..if u want to buy pulsar 135 then take a look on this bike saying seriously this bike has better than pulsar 135 beacause in it’s kerb weight is 133kg while of p 135 is 122kg..guys weight is important for grip on road and braking… pular 135 has large risk of applying front disc ride it and feel it..i agree that discover 135 has many questions about it’s look..but look is not all…discover135 has best performance than another bikes of 125-135cc..this bike gives a mileage of 50-58 in city & 55-65 on highway bike shivers after 80kmh but it has much less of any bike of this segment…i reached the maximum speed—122kmh on nh1 it was amzaing so before you buy any bike of 125-150cc take a ride of this bike and u can feel diffrenece between other bikes of this segment.


  28. @prikshit
    hey dude!
    how is it possible to reach 122kmph?
    i myself rode @114kmph only
    even pulsar has top speed of 115 kmph
    & wats ur mileage?

  29. I having discover 135 bike 8 months old & mileage 50kmpl in city & 60kmpl in highways ..
    mostly i drive at 60-70kmph speed & the bike stays fine on road…the bike’s acceleration,braking & grip is good as other 150cc bikes..
    i attain a top speed of 110kmph in my bike..the bike’s digital speedometer says true speed unlike analog speedo gaves wrong reading at high speeds & 122kmph with this bike is not possible..
    my bike is so smooth in all sort of roads and conditions..
    it’s a best option to buy this bike..
    thank you.

  30. Bajaj discover 135 DTSi my is superb,nice side light ,iam in airport nobady having this bike.but one problem ,after 4th service sowkapjar not working properly ,60kg persion sitting in back side .any speed braker coming on road sound comming

  31. hi,my name is madhav.i am happy with this discover-135.but it schould have a good grip for the tyres and the cost price for this bike is reasonable and it is giving mileage up to 55.for the middle class it is the best choice .

  32. hi guys…this is a bit surprising to me as many people say about the milege problem….as i have been using the bike for months and it gives an amazing milege of 55-60…if the speed control is on….if u are willing to buy the bike in this range then the bike is surely a cookie…else if you want speed then go in for pulsar 150cc….bajaj as by the name is distinctly ahead…happy biking…drive safe

  33. Iam a owner of bajaj 135cc older vertion, it is worst bike,all the above comments are fake,Its not a reliable bike,if u wanna purchase a new bike go for others like Honda,hero honda,Suzuki,,,etc,, Also this Bajaj Peaples are not giving a good service at all..Beleive me

  34. HI guys, i have been driving this bike for the past 6 months and have completed 3300 kms. Still the bike’s pickup is very good.

    The side lights may look ugly for some people. You just put the stand on this bike and view it from side , you will notice the stylish look that this side lights offer.

    The bike gives a vibration when i touch 60kmph.. but after crosssing 70kmph.. the bike is verysmooth and i don’t feel any vibration.

    I was able to touch a maximum of 110kmph and i did not try more than that. At 100kmph u will be surprised that there is no vibration but as i’m crossing 100kmph the vibration starts… I don’t know how much more fastly u can go withthis bike. But some say that 120kmph is possible but i haven’t tried yet.

    The digital speedometer looks great in night

    I get a mileage of 51kmpl in Chennai city. When i go for highway driving it give 60kmpl solid.

    I would suggest u to go for discover 135 rather than pulsar 135 or flame or gladiator.

  35. well said kishan…
    my discover is 8 months old and i reached 105kmph ..
    mileage around 55 in local & 60 in free way..
    i once replaced digital speed and no other problem.

  36. i think the previous version discover 135 dts i,ie indicator with headlight cover,broad rear tyre & without chain cover is the best bike of bajaj ………

  37. i am very impressed with this bike specially because i am using 125cc(bajaj discover) for 3 years. this bike is so comfortable and no complain about my bike engine. thank’s for manufacturing this type of bike.

  38. heyy frnd dont prefared this bike bcoz it make lott of noice above 60 speed n milage is also not good its a total headache ………

  39. Hi guys, after riding 135 for 2 years ,its time to give a review. I can remember the early months when i felt that it was the best bike of this segment ,except the vibs over 60 and low grip on rear tyre.
    At that time it felt powerful and torqi.
    As months goes it starts to give probs.
    First it looses its self start motor.
    Then one of its plug.
    After that kittir….kat type sound from gear box.
    And i feel its loosing power and milage day by day.
    After all i cant b sure that i will be to start my bike next morning without any prob.
    Guys , initially this bajaj products seems gr8 ,but they cant be ur old friend. People buy them a lot and resale it a lot too.
    And i m trying to do it now.
    Happy biking to all.

  40. I have purchased the same above pic. bike nearly a year ago, and the issue with the vibration on speed exists, but it give me smooth riding comforts, i have done some mods in shocks, and still i get 60-63 mileage on good roads. city: it goes down to nearly 40-45. but i’m happy with it. service at cochin, kadavantra, is preferably well, they ask u before going to do a big stuff in the bike. no problem service. but the rest of the guys are A..H..s

  41. this bike is good for college going students but those who love speed ,sorry this bike is not for them this bike gives approx.50-60km/ average only if you drive the bike to min 40-50 and also put your auto ride control on

  42. hi guys

    this bike is unfit for ride this is so many problems there.
    Please dont by this bike this is my request.i have use this bike only 15000 km but before this ready for repair.

  43. Hai,

    I have in bajaj discover 130 cc, i am chang to my bike tyres , so now what is the current rate Now. Pls tell me

  44. I have in bajaj discover 130 cc, i am chang to my bike tyres , so now what is the current rate Now. Pls tell me

  45. I have discover 135cc its very useful for me. I have driven it maximum speed at 102kmph at dhaula kuan to gurgoan highway.
    its ammaging

  46. Hi! I own a bajaj discover 110 cc (the old model).my rear tube was worn out-so had to replace it.bought one from a shop which was 2.75/18 but notices the tyre in bike was 2.75/17.the shop has no stock of 17 it ok if i put this tube?

  47. I purchased the bike on 9th april. From that day onwards its giving problem. The balance is not proper. Its always pulls more on left side while driving. I cannot take this bike for long driving. I will get the pain in the shoulders. After two service also the problem not resolved. Double riding is very difficult.

  48. Hi guys am using bajaj 135cc new model past 1 years

    excellent performance: the top speed is 110km,Mileage upto 50-60, nice grip in back tires, suddenly pick-up bike, with digital speedometer and disk brake.

    Indicator: when my bike fall down the indicator is safe but in other bike it will boke its the main advantage of indicator.

    Compare: Equal to pulsar 150 i had checked pick-up and top speed.

    Disadvantage: when cross 55-60 one crack sound will come, over 60 and below 55 it wont comes.

    Otherwise excellent bike to buy……….

  49. excellent bike ,good performance,no problems.
    i drive the bike to 60-70 no vibration problemocurs,and gives average of 55+
    must told you great bike aslike to pulser 150

  50. i have been using 135cc dtsi since 1.5 years superb bike good stability, riding comfort seating all are superb only thing that bothers is mileage.I have got a maximum of only 50kmpl with shell petrol

  51. Bad performance on High-way.Bike get Vibrate on The Speed of 60km,till After 4 servicing,Also the side Lights of Front side make a crackly voice on 60km speed

  52. I purchase this bike august 2009 & it have vibration at 60km. This bike’s tyres very-2-2-2 bad & chain set also. i change tyre & chain set in 10 months at 15000km.

  53. Dear All,

    This bike is so worst. I purchased Bajaj discover 135 DTSI in 2009, after six month i found this bike is vibration. So pls don’t waste money.

  54. my bike is discover dtsi has a problem when i start bike in the morning some smoke will come,not all the time only in morning one time.

  55. i want to buy a bike pls sugest i m looking for good look & good mileage – obtion discover135 ,pulsul 150, honda glamour.

  56. In case you are interested in long drives (min 50) – then you should NOT go for this bike. Seat is not designed properly. Better experience once before buying. Really uncomfortable. Good for short distances.
    Starts vibrating when it reaches 60kmph. over 90 it will straight away refuse to go.
    mileage is ok for this bike.

  57. I am a proud owner of tis disc135 for 14 months. Mileage-50 to 55 on city and max upto 67 kmpl in highways. I reached a top speed of 110. Negatives are 1)vibes between 55-65. 2)eurogrip tyres which is worst among tyrs. Expt tat I never faced a single prblm. I am very much happy wit my byk.

  58. Hey guys am a senior user of this bike..i have driven about 18000 thousand km with this bike..and its still rocking..nice mileage..the pick up is awesome till now..the only problem i face is at speed nearing 65kmph the bike vibrates but then crossing the speed of 68 or 70KMph it stops and retains its smoothness..Of course its a 135cc engine with 13.5BHP..every bike has certain problems..except this my bageeraa still rockssss….

  59. I have driven this bike for 13000+ km…great bike…reached a top speed of 112 (102 with pillion)…mileage is pretty good (tuning should be done properly ,i hv 1100 rpm at standstill with cool engine , which gives me 45-49kmpl…for lower standstill rpm u will get more mileage)…best bike for city rides… though I hv done a couple of long trips in one of which I travelled about 240 km a day at around 6000-6500 rpm i.e 65-75 kmph giving rest every 90 mins….pickup is also pretty good …better than pulsar 150 i would say…. please use a good engine oil above all …I use Motul 1500

  60. I have the same discover135cc bt the old model without digital speedo…its perfomance is good and the top speed is also more then 120km/hr.

  61. hey guys
    who are looking for bajaj discover 135dtsi. its not dream bike for those who likes silent engine,conforts on rear suspension,fuel efficiency and ofcourse riding control.poor, poor that what i want to say for this bike
    1) noisy engine:-this bike has not smooth engine noise,after hearing the sound its seems there is a friction in engine.which increses thoretle power exhaust to silencer.which result sound noisy,and its destroy your happen to me
    2)rear suspensen so hard its get hardly shocks in bumpy roads.there is no true comforts in shock absorber
    3)no fuel efficient:- due to heavy weight in body , wide rear tyre n noisy engine.40-45 km/hr

  62. Soon it will become a fact that “Bajaj is a legend in making worst engines in the world”
    No. 1 worst bike this discover . only no. 1 idiots will buy it.
    1) No value for money.
    2) Noisy engine.
    3) no durability and reliability.
    4) will statrt emptying the owner’s wallet after 2 years, ie. high maintenance.
    I dont understand why so many idiots buy this rubish and “kachra” bike, there are many others available that have a good overall features.

  63. Hello ,
    I wat to buy discover 135 dtsi.
    Is this model available in market ?
    Please send me the address of this model’s distributors in Rajkot.
    Please !

  64. hi friend i,m also user of Discover 135 . this bike has too good pick up and also it my bike is not vibrate at 60-80KM speed but i am not be happy with the milege of bike just 35 KM

  65. A performer. It is really a nice bike…having a great look..stylish …but the mileage is quite a bit low accordance to the petrol price over india…. i am right now using this bike…overall i can say that it is a well and good performer

  66. All bajaj dicover are very very chutiya,loudo kachhra,kuda.
    They have mileage among 35-40,lhave very very bad service center , after three four month bike making noise,
    there disc break doesnot work
    there color become disappere n khatara,dnot buy bajaj,

  67. I have Bajaj Discover 135 CC. Purchased in Sept 2007 till today in good condition due to regular servicing with only one mechanic. Its give 55 KMPL in Mumbai City. I reveiw some coments which gives bad comments about this bike but my experience is good. I think we have to take care of new bike at starting 500 KM i.e. regular good oil changing ( like Castrol GTX 20X50), dont drive over 40 speed till first 500 KMS. Daiily cleaning with water.
    I have only problem with tyre given by Bajaj i.e. Eurogirp. I think i have to replace with extra grip tyres. Anybody can recommend me good company tyres for my bike for exra grip on wet road city like mumbai.

  68. Dude!, India is Second to NONE! when it comes to manufacturing two wheelers. Even though i am not from India, and not even in India, haven’t even been to India. I say this because i see them everyday, i have ridden other bikes as well as Indian bikes. They are pretty awesome for frugal fuel consumption and the power and pickup they offer for that consumption. Only place where Indian motorcycles have to improve is the longevity when compared to Japanese bikes. 🙂 and other bikes ( DEFINITELY NOT CHINESE BIKES)

  69. I have Bajaj Discover 135 CC. Purchased in Jan 2010 till today in good condition due to regular servicing with only one mechanic. Its give 55 KMPL in Ahmedabad City. I reveiw some coments which gives bad comments about this bike but my experience is good.

    Best Points Of this Bike is
    Good Designing with Front Side Indicator
    Also Good Looking

  70. hi frnz i am having this bike this is powerful than cbZ star.i have old model of 135. it is the only discover whose looks are not was very beaitiful with red black colour.really 135

  71. I’m from sri lanka I do have a discover135 from 3year now I try to upgrade larger rear tire and I want to upgrade disk brake.can I use pulsar220’s swing arm and brake system I want some opinion from u guys please thank you.

  72. HI

    Friends Bajaj Discover 135 is good bike i have been using this bike form May 2009. Its good and earlier my mileage was bad but now its too good i really happy with it. It’s average mileage in city 65 KMPL and my highest mileage 68.30.

    But i really felt un happy because it stopped its production such fantastic designed bike…….. it seem to good again it will back with that design

  73. Bajaj has done a stupid thing by discontinuing the production of Discover 135. It was selling like hot cake. Bajaj’s business strategies look stupid some times.

    • Dude hear on sri lanka we have both kind of tire’s mean tubeless and normal (eurogrip & DSI,make of sri lanka ) I think india’s have same So you dont want to worry.

  74. i have purchased discover 135cc this bike is very nice (super bike) but milege is low
    my bike milage is 45kmpl in city & highway milage is 50kmpl

  75. I want to buy Bajaj 135cc bike. Pls suggest me anybody. My 1st choice Discover 135cc 2nd choice Pulsar 150cc 3rd choice Apache RTR 150cc. Here are overall performance, speedy, mileage, fuel expenditure combined the bikes.
    Pls suggest me…………
    Rasel Ahmed
    From Dhaka, Bangladesh……………

  76. Dear Friends,

    I bought this bike as on 8/03/2009 and till date i never facing any kind of challenge/problems with this bike regarding the average, disk break, chain set, tiers, power etc. even several time i drive my bike 500km in a day with two or three halt.its giving hundred percent satisfaction to me and my family. Its my favorite bike out of all Bajaj Bikes…..thats the reason Discover is the most largest selling bike in the world..


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