Bajaj Rebuts Claims of Aurangabad Factory Shutdown Due to COVID

Bajaj COVID cases: Though there are a few cases in the factory, it continues normal operations and there is no shutdown at all!

Update – Bajaj has shared that out of 8100 employees, it has 140 cases of COVID at this plant which is less than 2 percent of the overall strength. Unfortunately, two of the employees, who already had other complications like diabetes and hyper tension, have succumbed to the infection!

Bajaj has released a clarification relating to its facility in Waluj, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. It says, the company has come across few reports which claimed that the plant has been shut down because of some incidents of COVID-19 among employees.

It has clarified that from 24th April till 6th June, 2020 there was no incidence of COVID within the factory. But, with the rapid increase of cases post lockdown in various industries, armed forces, media, government institutions, etc, Bajaj also has received a few cases (first case was reported on 6th June).

Bajaj informs that it has taken all the necessary precautions as per protocol and have reported them to the authorities. It is also providing medical assistance to all the affected employees and like everybody else, it is also learning to live with the virus.

Bajaj covid cases
Bajaj manufactures entry level motorcycles at its Waluj, Aurangabad factory…

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Bajaj iterates that an alternate to this is complete shutdown which will be disastrous for everyone, including the company, employees and the economy! In addition, it says that the Waluj plant and all the other business operations are continuing under the necessary safety measures as prescribed by the government.

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Apart from the Waluj plant, Bajaj also has manufacturing facilities in Chakan (Maharashtra) and Pantnagar (Uttranchal).