SPIED: Ahead of Launch Bajaj’s CNG Bike Spotted, Revealing Details

Much awaited Bajaj CNG motorcycle spy pics have emerged on the internet revealing certain details about the one-of-a-kind product…

Rajiv Bajaj has officially confirmed that based on its internal testing and validation success, it has been able to prepone the launch of its CNG motorcycle which will be a first for India. Nobody has ever launched a motorcycle powered by CNG before.

And shortly after the word from the top honcho, a Bajaj test mule has been snapped testing along with Platina. The spied test mule appears to have a small sized fuel tank for petrol. The biggest challenge for such a bike is the placement of the CNG tank. Going by the design of the seat, the CNG tank is probably hidden under the seat – which is long and really flat!

According to the report, the test mule has a blue colored button on the switchgear which could be used to change fueling from petrol to CNG and vice-versa. Since there is no prior benchmark, it will be interesting to see what capacity CNG tank does the motorcycle get.

Bajaj cng motorcycle spy pics

The motorcycle looks a little unconventional and we will see if it is due to the CNG tank or if Bajaj has intentionally gone that way to present it as a differentiated offering. We do not know the exact displacement of this motorcycle but Bajaj has hinted that the CNG play will revolve around the 100-160cc capacity. We already understand that to extract a similar response like a pure-petrol powered 100-110cc motorcycle, Bajaj may have to increase a displacement for an equivalent CNG motorcycle.

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Whatever it will be, Rajiv Bajaj is very hopeful of this project and in fact, he is of the belief that the upcoming Bajaj CNG motorcycle will revolutionize the market just as the Hero Honda CD100 did some four decades back. He has promised major reduction in fuel bills for consumers which is what is the most basic driving point of this whole project.

Launch has been slated for the next quarter which means by June 2024 we should have the motorcycle in the market.