World’s First CNG Motorcycle Launch By June, Reveals Rajiv Bajaj

Buoyed by the success of its internal testing and validation, Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle launch has been preponed and it is coming very soon…

Just as we are thinking that the Indian 2-wheeler market will go electric in some decades from now, there are manufacturers which are trying to elongate the existence of internal combustion engines’ (ICE) and we are thankful to them, frankly! In the last year or two, the very eloquent Rajiv Bajaj has been very vocal about the company’s plans to introduce a CNG motorcycle.

Now, nobody really renowned has done it before. So, Bajaj clearly does not have a reference to set the base. So, it must have started from a clean sheet of paper. Since there is not a lot of space in motorcycles, plonking a CNG tank is not an easy job. Aside that there are various challenges associated with such a type of a motorcycle. However, Bajaj is very hopeful of its project and in fact, he believes that it will be a disrupter and can even repeat the 40 year old Hero Honda CD100 story.

CNG motorcycle launch
This could be the test mule of Bajaj’s first CNG Bike. Pic credit – Bikewale

All of this is okay but the question is when can we finally get to see the product? So, in an interview to a prominent TV channel, Rajiv has spilled the beans about the launch of its CNG motorcycle – which will be a world’s first! He says that earlier the plan was to get the motorcycle ready sometime next (calendar) year.

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However, based on internal testing and all other parameters, the company is almost ready with the product and the motorcycle will be here full one year early. Rajiv revealed that its CNG motorcycle will be launched/unveiled as early as next quarter which means we will get to see the bike between April to June this year.

With the CNG motorcycle, Bajaj intends to lower the price of fuel significantly for the end consumer – which will directly be its first USP. It will also be interesting to see the price point the motorcycle will come at – or in simpler terms if it carries a premium over its petrol counterparts and if yes, by how much?