Auto Expo: New Redesigned Mojo Unveiled; Pics, Launch & Details

The discerning reader will remember the ‘BA exclusive’ on the redesigned Mahindra Mojo on Jan 02. The  article contained photographs of a Mojo test mule from somewhere around Pune. The mule had a redesigned fuel tank and a redesigned saddle. Fast forward to the 12th Auto Expo and we have Mahindra Two-Wheelers unveiling the new Mojo with “bold, aspirational styling”.

New-Mahindra-Mojo-pics (12)

Mojo’s Expo version definitely looks better than what Mahindra had planned for the bike earlier. The dual headlights continue but feature a nice eyebrow and the redesigned cowl and the now signature copper-colour ribs under the fuel tank give the bike a tasteful and distinct character.

The console is dominated by a large analogue rev meter and a digital speedo. The almost upright handlebars could have been thicker in my opinion, but they do have the usual buttons and leavers and vibration dampers. Astride the Mojo, you will be sitting comfortably upright and the bike has all the makings of a weekend tourer. The saddle seems well cushioned and tapers tastefully to meet the tail light and blinker assembly.

The showcased Mojo is shod with Pirelli rubbers and we believe Mahindra will continue to offer the same Pirellis’ in the production version as well. The braking is taken care of by discs at both wheels.

New-Mahindra-Mojo-pics (7)

Anybody following the Mojo will mistake it for a larger bike. The twin exhaust/mufflers and the meaty rear tire gives Mojo a well balanced and powerful looking posterior, in its new avatar. It will be powered by the 295cc liquid-cooled single sipping fuel through ECU injection. The engine has been tuned for a good 27 bhp with 25Nm of push.

Also showcased is a racing version of Mojo 300 (the one in red and white featured here). I would buy this one any day over the black ‘regular’ Mojo.


Mahindra Mojo Launch:

It was expected that Mojo will be launched towards the Auto Expo, but we have learnt that the prototypes showcased were pre-production models and we are still a few months away from the actual launch. Middle of this year 2014 is when we expect Mojo to be launched in our country and if Mahindra can price it well, we do see a mood swing in the generic junta towards the interesting Mojo.

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