Hours Before Launch Ather’s Family Scooter RIZTA Revealed

Uncamouflaged Ather Rizta pics have emerged just a few hours before its launch which is scheduled for tomorrow ie 6th April…

Frankly speaking, Ather is the most serious electric 2-wheeler start-up in India and though it is going relatively slow it is ensuring it knows what it is doing. Its 450 range has churned the most sorted electric scooters in the market.

Now after taking care of the higher spectrum of buyers with the sporty package, Ather has turned its attention towards the family set – people who want to have more practical scooters and are not after a lot of sportiness. The maker has been promoting its Rizta (weird name!) for sometime now and it has been snapped for the first time without camouflage, most probably under its television commercial/marketing content shoot.

Like we had anticipated, the Rizta looks a lot more practical and utility with a flatter floorboard, large, flat and wide seat and it definitely is a lot less flashier. The scoot is running a dual color theme probably and is sprung on what appear to be 12 inch wheels at both the ends.

Ather Rizta pics

The riding posture is simple and upright and we can also sneak the instrumentation – that appears to have a lot of similarities with the 450. Ather has rounded up the package with a wrap-around tail lamp which is definitely interesting.

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No specs are known at this point but expect them to be a lot friendlier. We hope there is a lot of range which may come at the expense of some performance.

Since Rizta will have less expensive underpinnings along with a target audience that is more price conscious, expect a more aggressive price tag. This could become Ather’s bread and butter model and everything will be known tomorrow – when it gets launched officially, including the price tag.