Ather 450X & 450 Plus Gen 3 – City-Wise Pricing Including Subsidy

Ather 450X price has received a bump of Rs. 5,000/- from previous model… For this amount it has received many useful & practical updates…

So, Ather Energy today launched the 3rd Gen 450X and 450 Plus electric scooter in India. 

The newly introduced Ather 450 series of electric scooters have received a generational update, where many useful and much-needed updates have been introduced to the scooters with inputs from the existing customers. 

Gen 3 Ather 450X & 450 Plus Electric Scooters City-Wise Pricing

For Gen 3, the 450X & 450 Plus electric scooters have gained just Rs. 5,000/- in their asking price, compared to the previous generation.

The top-spec Ather 450X Gen 3 pricing starts at Rs. 1,37,612/- (ex-showroom) in the city of Ahmedabad. This is the lowest price at which the electric scooter can be owned among all the major cities listed by the company. 

The 450X Gen is the costliest in the city of Chennai, asking Rs. 1,57,507/- (ex-showroom). 

All the prices mentioned include the FAME-II subsidy and the Ather Dot/Portable charger & Performance upgrade. 

Coming to the lower spec 450 Plus, the pricing starts at Rs. 1,16,101/- (ex-showroom) again in Ahmedabad, where it is the cheapest among the major cities. 

Similarly, Ather 450 Plus is the costliest to own in Chennai, where it is priced at Rs. 1,35,996/- (ex-showroom) and includes the FAME-II subsidy and the Ather Dot/Portable charger & Performance upgrade. 

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Ather 450X & 450 Plus Gen 3 – What’s new

Ather 450X price
  • Ather Energy explains that the Generation-3 of these electric scooters have been worked on 3 criteria – Performance, Consistency & Convenience. 
  • Ather shared that the Gen-3 450X will come fitted with a battery with 25% more capacity and 20% longer life. 
  • They have bumped the Lithium-ion battery from 2.6 kWh to 3.66 kWh in the 450X. 
  • The battery update has increased the claimed range to 146 km and the true range claimed by Ather is 105 km.
  • This means the range used by their power-hungry modes – Warp & Sport – have also increased. 
  • They now claim that the real-world range for Warp mod will be 65 km & for Sport mode will be 75 km. 
  • Another update they have brought is the use of better compound tyres developed in collaboration with MRF. 
  • The new compound used will offer better high-speed performance and shorter braking distance, improving the rideability and safety of the rider. 
  • Ather have officially announced their proprietary  Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which will be offered as an accessory and will be integrated within the wheels of the electric scooter. 
  • Ather proudly introduced a new set of rear-view mirrors which they claim will offer 2X better visibility and 5X better reliability than the previous ones. 
  • Coming to feature updates – Ather have updated the RAM of their digital dash which will offer quick response inputs. 
  • Ather have also promised some new future features – Offline maps, Richer Graphics, Multi-language support, Voice commands, Deeper diagnostics and Running more apps simultaneously. 
  • Finally, they have introduced a new cast Aluminium side-step, which they claim is long-lasting and designed to blend into the lines of the scooter. 

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