Ather Slashes Scooter Prices by ₹9000 After GST Reduction

Ather 450 latest price inside; down by Rs 9000 due to reduction in GST on electric vehicles…

In a bid to promote them, the Government of India has reduced the Goods & Service Tax on electric vehicles from 12 percent to 5 percent. It is applicable on all FAME II certified vehicles and this directly means that their on road prices should come down significantly.

In line with the new ruling, being a part of FAME II, Ather has announced a price slash on its scooters which ranges upto Rs 9000. Both the scooters have witnessed a price drop and here are the new on-road prices.

Ather 450 Latest Price

Ather 4501,13,715 1,22,224
Ather 3401,02,460 1,10,443

*prices on road in respective cities

These prices include road tax, smart card fee, insurance etc. After this reduction prices have been slashed by as much as ₹ 9000.

Chennai Launch: Ather Sold Out Till November

With this, Ather’s scooters have become more affordable and it will lure more people to get into this electric vehicle fold. Indian government has set a target of 2025 to go all electric in terms of two-wheelers (ie they want to discontinue two-wheelers under 150cc completely). This proposal has been vehemently opposed by all the top manufacturers like Bajaj, Honda and TVS and they are correct in suggesting that there should be a proper roadmap of transformation because we are almost at the zeroth step at the moment!

Ather 450 latest price

Ather Space Chennai Launched – Where You Can Test Ride Ather’s Scoots

Chennai is Ather’s second city of operations and they are doing pretty well in Bangalore as well. They have ambitious targets of reaching more than 30 cities by the year 2023 including the big ones like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabd, Pune etc. Ather has recently launched Ather space in Chennai – where you can test ride Ather’s scooters and gain more info on them.