RUMOR: Naked Apache RTR 310 Launch Soon, Claims a Report

Apache RTR 310 launch could give India one of the finest near quarter liter motorcycle but is it coming this soon…? A report claims so…

It is well known, how smart is TVS going from pillar to post. It is trying, with full might, to plug all the gaps in its portfolio – and then build on many where it was never present. Most of its recent launches have been hits, some blockbuster. And though the Apache RR 310 – the company’s flagship model, is not doing phenomenally well in terms of sales, it is an established brilliant motorcycle – on all counts.

So, what next?

It was an obvious expectation that TVS will make more models on its 310 platform that it has jointly developed with BMW. However, since 2017, the Chennai based maker has been consistently improving it and yes, standing today we can say that it is nowhere short of being classified as a world-class product – that can sell in any part of the globe!

apache rtr 310 launch
TVS showcased this Draken concept pic at 2014 Auto Expo. The Apache 200 is based on this, but will the Apache RTR 310 be more similar…?

And according to an online report, the naked Apache series is going to see a brand new flagship – the Apache RTR 310! It claims that the motorcycle is absolutely launch ready and then there are the conventional ‘expectation specs’ they have shared. They say that the launch can happen as soon as ‘towards the end of this month’!

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The RR 310 is one of the best made in India premium motorcycle…

Now, TVS did talk about ‘new launches’ at its MotoSoul event that is scheduled for 3rd March in Goa but will the company squeeze in space for such an important motorcycle’s launch/ride event before that? And without a single on-road spyshot is the motorcycle so ready?

Well, we would want to be pleasantly surprised and hope to see such a motorcycle – but have our reservations on the launch timelines. Anyway, the first chirping is here, let’s wait for some concrete evidence then…