New Apache with More Power-Expected Launch in 2014

Apache was a brand that was aiding TVS Motors in doing wonders in the premium segment. Though launched initially as a 150cc bike, it soon got an upgrade to 160cc and then further on to 180cc. With the coming up of RTR tag along the brand’s name, it created a niche for those who wanted a sheer performing bike yet affordable.


With the due launch of RTR180 ABS, TVS Motors became the first Indian manufacturer to ever house ABS in the bike. Though priced 10 Grand higher than the regular RTR180, it was still a great leap for TVS Motors.

So, now what I, ProBiker have got for our readers is something that is really gone interest you. Guess what? Well, most of us were not really impressed with the refresh that the RTR series received off late, right? Perhaps TVS too felt the same.

We were all expecting a 250cc bike from the RTR family on which there seems to be no talks at all. Atleast the naked version of the Apache which is the Velocity in Indonesian market was expected to launch here, which again did not happed for obvious reasons. This bike was showcased in the Auto Expo held in 2011 in the capital city and it really managed to grasp eyes) though the models posing for TVS managed to grab even more attention!)

So, now coming back to the point, TVS Motors is silently working on a while new Apache. We expect this refresh exclusively for the 180cc variant. 180cc again, simply means that there is not gonna be any higher displacement engine due for launch. It is the same 180 again!


The 180cc engine that TVS has been making use of, in the RTR180 is capable of producing 17PS of power. But, in the new variant that TVS is working on, the power is expected to go as high as 19.5 PS. This is seriously a good news.

Apache lovers were forced to be silent for a while as the new design didn’t really impress the mass. So, now there’s a news for all of you guys to rejoice and make merry.

In terms of the design concept, we don’t there is gonna be a massive change. However, there would be minor touches to give that refreshed look. Also, we’ve only gathered info on the RTR180cc and there are not much of updated on the RTR160. We’re also not too sure whether the RTR180 with 17PS would still be on sale side by side along this bike or would be phased out.

The bike is not expected to hit the roads by this year. Practically, it seems that TVS is planning to launch this bike by early next year. We’re more eager in it as Auto Expo would be live by Jan of next year and perhaps TVS Motors is planning to launch it there. No clues about that, seriously!

We’d already reported news on TVS working on a new scooter model that would be priced and segmented in between the Scooty Pep series and the Wego model. Also, TVS might end up launching their new125cc bike under Victor badge and all that depends on the way market reacts for the Phoenix125, which is positioned as a Premium 125ccc bike in the Indian market.

Stay tuned with us as we get more info and input on this news to keep you glued on to us.

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