Apache 310 Brochure Leaked: Video Taken Down Within Minutes

More Apache 310 pics from brochure scans surface but…

Update – Based on request we are taking the leaked pics down. The featured image is of the Akula concept from the Auto Expo 2016.

There is a new update on the much awaited and delayed TVS Apache 310 which will be the biggest commercial motorcycle from the Chennai-based brand. Its brochure scans have been leaked by a Youtuber Moto Drift, however, the video has been taken down within minutes of going live, it appears!

Apache 310 pics posted on this page, credit Rushlane, reveal that TVS will be keeping a single tone colour theme for the motorcycle and even the frame appears to be getting the same colours of the body. However, there is some amount of editing that we can notice. You see two colours – blue and red but in all probability it is one single coloured motorcycle which has been edited in two colours; most probably the red colour is the original pic.

The riding posture is aggressive and we can see decals reading “Apache”, “RR 310”, RaceSpec on the frame and that rear cowl probably reads “3S” which we have no clue of. This is also a confirmation that the golden coloured USDs are also going to production.

Check out absolutely undisguised pics of Apache 310

Now, if the e-brochures (or whatever promotional material this is) are getting ready then it simply means that the product (and what parts and specs are going to production) has been finalised and it has now moved over to the marketing team to let the world know that such a motorcycle is coming.

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However, if you are from India, be a little less excited because the language mentioned there is NOT English. Which means that this brochure is meant for a different market than ours. We deciphered – it is for Latin America (and probably similar language speaking countries). Does this mean that TVS would introduce it internationally first and launch it in the domestic market a little later? Let us hope not!