Apache 310 Shatters Record – Clocks Whopping 3657 Km in 24 Hours

Apache 310 24 hours record will hold for a long time. It did a top speed of 173 kph and you will be surprised to know the average speed…

On 2nd July, TVS and Apollo Tyres set their base at the Natrax, Indore – Asia’s longest highspeed track and the common goal was to put their products in an extreme endurance test. TVS picked its flagship Apache RR 310 for this occasion where Apollo chose its Alpha H1 tyres for this task.

With best products from each company, the endurance test began and lasted for 24 hours. After a massively grueling task – a test of both man and machine, there were smiles all around – as eventually records were shattered and new records were created.

Apache 310, shod with Apollo Alpha H1 radial tyres, completed insane 3,657.92 kms (that is three thousand six hundred and fifty seven kilometers) in a matter of 24 hours. Want to know how insane does that sound?

The motorcycles did an average speed of whopping 152 km/hr!

apache 310 24 hour record
The happy team during the record stint…

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Three Apache 310 motorcycles were pushed to their limits – both during the day and night – for full 24 hours by a team of 18 riders. Imagine ripping the engine almost non-stop for 1440 minutes! The top speed attained during this stint was 173 km/hr.

Harley Davidson’s Sportster S held the previous record of covering 3141 km in 24 hours. TVS Apache 310 shattered it and entered the India Book of Records. This is a big testament of the quality and durability of both the motorcycle as well as the tyres – that performed flawlessly well in extremely testing conditions.