“Something Exciting is Coming Your Way” TVS Teaser Turns Out to be a New Informative BLOG

Apache 200 FI launch details still uncertain…

TVS, at its official Facebook page yesterday, put up a teaser which read “Something Exciting is Coming Your Way” featuring an Apache 200. Quite naturally many websites picked it up as the first official signs of long-awaited Apache 200 Fuel Injection and ABS. They related it to the website quoting that the company has updated the Apache webpage with new details related to FI and ABS.

However, we just were not convinced! First, if TVS were to tease Apache 200 FI they would have done that at the official and dedicated TVS Apache Facebook page which is much bigger, has wider reach and obviously it would be more sensible. Secondly, we could not really notice anything substantially new on the Apache 200 website. From day one we remember it features details on the fuel injected variant (along with the currently available carburetted variant).

So, the question is – If it is NOT Apache 200 FI, what is that “something exciting..” that TVS talked about? And the answer is – a new informative blog. Basically, TVS has introduced a new blog on their website which features various Tips & Tricks, Maintenance guides along with plethora of other valuable information. You can visit it via this direct link. You can also share your feedback or what you would like to read on the blog at ‘tvscommtalk@tvsmotor.com’

Apache 200 FI launch blog TVS

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And yes, the mysterious wait for the Apache 200 FI launch continues even after almost two years since its first announcement. Till we have something concrete on that you can read our detailed review of Apache 200 Carb.