Apache 165 vs Apache 160 – List of 10 Differences

Apache 165 vs Apache 160 differences list comprises changes to the engine, suspension and various other areas. We list them all…

TVS has recently launched its new Apache RP 165 in the Indian market. It is based on the company’s 160cc 4 valve model that is sold under the RTR moniker. At a major premium, you are sure to ask this question – what is the difference between these two siblings…?

Let us quickly list the difference in pointers…

Apache 165 vs Apache 160 Differences

Engine – The Apache 165 comes with a slightly (5cc) bigger engine that (we believe) has a bigger bore than the motor of the 160.

Power – As a result, the Apache 165 churns 19.2 PS of peak power that is higher by 1.65 PS or almost 10 percent. That makes the Apache 165 the most powerful 150-160cc motorcycle in India. But this increased power is achieved at a higher 10,000 rpm mark (peak rpm for the Apache 160 is 9250)

Torque – On the other hand, at 14.2 Nm torque is slightly (0.53 Nm) down. And it is also attained 1500 rpm later.

Suspension – Unlike the conventional front forks of the Apache 160, the Apache 165 is equipped with Showa race tuned telescopic forks. Rear also gets a Showa race-tuned unit.

Brakes – While the front continues to be a 270 mm petal disc, TVS is offering the Apache 165 with a bigger 240 mm rear (petal) disc.

Weight – Because of the added kit, the bigger Apache weighs 148 kilos, 2 kg higher than the Apache 160.

apache 165 vs apache 160 differences
New Apache RP 165

Power to Weight Ratio – Despite the added flab, the Apache 165 has a higher power to weight ratio of 0.129 PS/kg (against 0.119 PS/kg) of the 160cc model.

Availability – TVS has announced the Apache RP 165 to be a limited edition model. Only 200 units of this motorcycle will be produced. Whereas the standard model continues to be available without any constraint.

Styling – While the basic design hasn’t changed, TVS is offering the Apache 165 in a new sporty Sepang Blue color shade. It is a combination of blue and white with subtle red slashes.

apache 165 vs apache 160 differences
Standard Apache RTR 160

Additional Kit – The Apache 165 comes with track-focused features like slipper clutch, adjustable levers, etc.

Racing Features – In order to give it more grunt, the RP 165 comes with a dome shaped piston, dual actuator springs, larger valves and high-lift cams.

Price – For all the added oomph, TVS is charging a premium of roughly around Rs 25,000 (launched at 1.45 Lac ex-showroom) for the RP165. Exclusivity is complementary!

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The RP is an interesting concept and the first glimpse has been exciting. We hope to see many models come out of this new sub-brand.

So, in the end, the question is – Which one will you buy between these…?