TVS Gets ‘RACE PERFORMANCE’ Patent; New Apache 165 Coming…?

This new RP moniker is expected to debut with Apache 165 – a fresh model that is expected to churn higher power than the current Apache 160…

Back in September, we reported that TVS has filed for patents for two new names – ‘TVS RP Race Performance’ and ‘TVS Apache RTR 165 RP’. That time the status was ‘Marked for Exam’.

And after three months since the filing, TVS has finally received the trademark for these two names which signals the arrival of a new brand along with what looks like a big possibility of a more powerful Apache 160.

TVS likes using these race-bred naming schemes – RTR, RR and now RP – to signify the inspiration and the potential of their machines. The first Apache machines introduced the RTR moniker which stands for ‘Racing Throttle Response’. Then came their powerful track-battling TVS Apache RR 310 which introduced their ‘Racing Replica’ moniker to us bike enthusiasts. And now, TVS is planning to add ‘RP’ to their arsenal which will denote the ‘Race Performance’ nature of their upcoming machines. 

apache 165

The name ‘TVS Apache RTR 165 RP’ suggests that the new Apache will have enhanced performance with higher power and torque figures. We understand that the updates will be carried out on the new Apache 160 4V. Since these numeric figures generally denote the cubic capacity, it is possible that TVS may increase the displacement by re-boring by a few mm to arrive at a near 165cc motor.

apache 165

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This would facilitate them to increase the power and/or torque and offer ride modes to further differentiate the offering in the now-crowded 160cc motorcycle space (current Apache 160 has a 159.7 cc engine).

Under this ‘RP’ moniker, TVS can also launch a variety of different products including the new more powerful Apache 200 carrying the ‘RP’ name. The exact strategy of this mysterious RP moniker should be revealed in the days to come…