And Now Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 Get Expensive

Continental GT 650 latest prices now start from over 3.05 Lac whereas the Interceptor 650 can still be had at starting prices of under 3 Lac. The price hike is between Rs. 2,000-4,000/-…

After making the rest of the offered models from their stables little more expensive to own, Royal Enfield have gone ahead and increased the prices of the remaining two models – Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 in India.

Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 Latest Prices (May 2022)

The Royal Enfield flagship 650 models have received a price hike of Rs 2,845/- for the Standard and Custom variants. While the Chrome variant has become costlier by Rs 4,681/-

So, after the price hike, the Interceptor 650 starts at Rs. 2,88,815/- and ends at Rs. 3,14,682/- (ex-showroom).

The Continental GT 650 can now be had at Rs. 3,05,624/- and the flagship Chrome specced model has an asking tag of Rs. 3,31,558/- (ex-showroom). 

After settling down with this 650 platform, Royal Enfield is working on a lot of new motorcycle that will come on this very platform in the coming months. Recently, breaking the norm, Royal Enfield reduced the price of Himalayan 411 and Meteor 350, but at the expense of removing the Tripper Navigation Pod from the standard accessory list.