All New Goldwing Launch Next Year: The Question is – Will it be a Trike?

The fifth generation ‘palace on two wheels’ has been doing duty for more than a decade now. Honda always adds up technological innovations in the Goldwing which are way ahead of its times, and then waits for others to play catch up. However, come 2016, the bike now seems to be showing its signs of ageing and is ready to get a makeover soon.

In fact, the folks at VisorDown report that the Japanese manufacturer might launch the all-new Goldwing as early as 2017! We believe that the new bike may borrow inspiration from the Neowing concept displayed at the recently concluded Auto Expo. Moving ahead of the flat 6 pot, mill, the company might use a four cylinder layout with electric motors assisting the need of additional power.

2015 Honda GoldWing
2015 Honda GoldWing

The report also adds that the new Goldwing may get a completely new electronically adjustable semi-active suspension setup – something on the lines of the Neowing itself? Transmission duties will most probably be administered by a dual clutch gearbox. Also expect the airbags to continue evolving. Other standard features will include ride by wire, traction control, riding modes and a complex infotainment system.

Here is the Neowing Honda showcased at the Auto Expo 2016. Click pics for more pics & details

The chassis too will be built from scratch and is expected to be a two piece cast made of aluminium with separate front and rear sections using the power plant as a load bearing centre. This brings us to a very interesting proposition where I would ask your views – Can the next Goldwing be a trike?