5 Facts About 99.1 kmpl Bajaj CT100B – India’s Shockingly Cheap Bike

While the whole nation was busy and occupied with the happenings at the Auto Expo 2016, Bajaj officially announced the launch of the new CT100B motorcycle which BikeAdvice exclusively revealed many a days back on the 28th of January, along with pics (link to story).

Bajaj has played the price card in the segment which is ruled by Hero. Will it succeed or not can not be predicted at this moment but for now let us have a look at 5 quick facts about the motorcycle which has all the makings of disrupting the market!

5 Facts About Bajaj CT100B

  • CT100B is a bare-bones version of the CT100 motorcycle Bajaj has found success in, in the 100cc segment. Bajaj informs that it carries the same engine but has got some “improvements“.
  • Certified fuel efficiency of CT100B is a whopping 99.1 kmpl, which is almost 10 kmpl higher than CT100’s 89.5 kmpl.
  • CT100B is priced at a shockingly low tag of Rs 30,990 ex-showroom in Delhi. It undercuts CT100B by Rs 4000 (as compared to the spoke wheel version of CT100). When compared with Hero’s cheapest bike Dawn, CT100B is a phenomenal Rs 8500 cheaper. In Pune, it costs closer to Rs 37000 on road.

Bajaj CT100B Red Pic

  • CT100B is not only the cheapest motorcycle in the country today by a significant margin but Bajaj claims this is the best price ever in India.
  • CT100B comes with two years warranty and is offered in four colours.

Bajaj-CT100B-Pics (3)

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With the new CT100B, Bajaj is targeting customers who opt for second hand motorcycles due to budget constraints. The motorcycle has already reached dealerships and we believe the company will be looking at rural and semi-urban markets for its consolidation. We have asked for the official specs and the colours of CT100B and as soon as we get them from the company we will update this article.