REVEALED: First Ever Hero-Harley 400cc Bike Pics Out

Near 400cc Harley motorcycle launch could be near based on this latest revelation. It will be made by Hero MotoCorp in India…!

The whole Indian auto world is talking about Harley Davidson’s new entry level motorcycle, mysterious pics of which have emerged out of nowhere today. It must be noted that this is a completely different motorcycle than the X350 that has recently been known and is a product of the joint venture between the American Harley Davidson and Chinese QJMotor.

400cc harley motorcycle

That intentional tag of ‘HD 4XX’ hints at the big possibility of the near 400cc engine capacity that this motorcycle is likely to carry. Do note that this is a single cylinder engine unlike the twin of the Chinese X350. Also, the Indian motor is air/oil cooled whereas the X350 sports liquid cooling. This suggests that focus is more on affordability and that big single cylinder could be a torque house.

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The 8000 rpm redline also affirms this that focus will be torque rather than outright power. But, nobody has any clue on any kind of figures at the moment. In terms of design, the new Hero-Harley co-developed motorcycle looks interesting and has a neo-retro roadster-like styling.

400cc harley motorcycle

It sports a round LED headlamp, upside down front forks, humped, muscular fuel tank and a tiny tail lamp. The instrument cluster is all-digital and appears to be showing all the basic info. The upcoming Harley 4XX appears to be riding on an 18 inch front tyre and a 17 inch rear tyre – wearing CEAT Zoom rubber.

The motorcycle looks very close to production and the spy pics appear to be an intentional leak from the company. This suggests that the marketing team is already up to its task and we should be hearing from the company soon, something related to its launch probably…