Mahindra to Launch 300cc Peugeot Motorcycle: Could be Based on Mojo

300cc Peugeot motorcycle launch planned in South Asian markets – will be a premium offering…

Mahindra is letting it go – the intent to mark their brand in the world of motorcycles. After toiling it out in the market for the last many years they have completely changed their strategy. They have acquired quite a number of international motorcycle brands and are instead working on making them (re)work.

Apart from restructuring iconic BSA and Jawa for the Indian and international markets, Mahindra has launched ‘Performance 2020‘ program for Peugeot Motorcycles wherein they will re-introduce Motorcycles in the portfolio. It must be known that despite its name of ‘Peugeot Motorcycles’, the Italian company (owned by Indian Mahindra) is only making scooters as of now. Some of the well known scooter brands from Peugeot are Django and Metropolis, which have also been showcased at various Indian auto shows (also pictured below).

We believe that the Peugeot 300 may be based on Mojo

Peugeot Motorcycle Plans

According to a report at Economic Times, Mahindra has identified motorcycles as a key growth driver. Under the ‘Performance 2020’ program they are working on motorcycles in the 125cc and 300cc segment which will be branded as Peugeots. Peugeot will be into motorcycles after a 70 year hiatus.┬áMahindra is investing 400 crore in this plan and have plans to break even by 2020.

300cc Peugeot Motorcycle Launch

Against what the engine capacity suggests, the intent is to make premium motorcycles. While we can not comment much on the 125cc motorcycle, the 300cc Peugeot version may borrow the engine and even the platform from Mahindra Mojo – a motorcycle which is already regarded as one solidly made product here in India.

Peugeot showcased this Metropolis in India at the 2016 Auto Expo

The story goes on to suggest that the key driver of Peugeot motorcycles is expected to be the South Asian market and in fact, the company is even planning to have an assembly facility in Thailand. One of the company’s top honcho also hinted their Indian foray but no timeline has been defined yet.

Along with this – Django…

Recently, it has been revealed that Jawa will launch, not one but three motorcycles in India sometime within this financial year (more details). A little while back an electric Mojo has also been caught testing around Bangalore.