Surprise: New 2023 Pulsar NS200 Teased

2023 Pulsar NS200 launch can be expected anytime soon as Bajaj has teased it on its social channels. Yes, NS200 lives on…!!!

Okay, so the newest generation Pulsar was developed to replace the existing crop of motorcycles gradually. Some of them were taken off air and the rest were destined to go as well. However, seems like this strategy is not working, again!

When it was believed that it is time for the Pulsar NS200 to get discontinued from the Indian market, Bajaj has surprised everyone by teasing its upcoming update on its social media channels. The 2023 Pulsar NS200 is likely to get a refresh and the most prominent change, as teased, is expected to be the upside down front forks.

2023 pulsar ns200

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Here is the Pulsar NS200 sold as Dominar 200 in some markets with upside down front forks…

Additionally, as with most other updates, it is customary to expect new color themes to be a part of the 2023 package. Since these are costly updates, expect a fair bit of price rise for the 2023 Pulsar NS200. Launch, as we believe, should be in the coming few weeks.

This step suggests that Bajaj has given in to the demand of customers (and also the lack of demand for the newest-gen Pulsars) and the NS200 may live – but now as a premium variant – over the Pulsar 250s!