2023 Karizma – Here is What I Think It Must Be Priced At…

2023 Karizma price estimate – Here is what Hero may price it at and also listed is what I think it should come at…

Karizma, for the 90s and 2000s kids, was the dream bike in India and as Hero has been promoting it – it was indeed a legend! However, things went awry in the 2014 update and the motorcycle had to be withdrawn from the market due to extremely low demand.

But then, Hero believes this is an opportune time to bring back the Karizma moniker and the launch is confirmed for the coming 29th of August. Ahead of the official reveal, Hero has hinted at the price of the new Karizma in one of its social media story poll wherein it asked its followers to guess the price of the motorcycle. Following were the three options listed..

  • A little less than 2 Lakh
  • A little over 2 Lakh
  • More than 2.20 Lakh

Through various teasers and spy pics, it has already been revealed that the new Karizma XMR will come with an all new near 210cc engine that will have Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC), high power figures and will be suspended on a Trellis frame. It will house a fully digital instrument console apart from various other bells and whisles.

2023 Karizma Price Estimate

Coming back to the price of the motorcycle, it appears that Hero wants everybody to think of a price tag slightly higher than Rs 2 Lakh and then surprise everyone by announcing a lower tag (lesser than Rs 2.0 Lakh). From the feelers that I get, Hero may be considering introducing the new Karizma at around Rs 1.80-1.90 Lakh ex-showroom. For reference, the current flagship Xpulse 200 4V Pro is priced at Rs 1.52 Lakh whereas rival Pulsar RS200 costs close to Rs 1.72 Lakh.

2023 karizma price

In my opinion, the Karizma should start at introductory prices of something between Rs 1.60-1.69 Lakh – slightly under the Pulsar to present itself as an accessible faired motorcycle – more so after the last upgrade’s debacle. Hero can not afford to mess anything this time and if it does – it will be a self-goal!

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Hero should keep this in mind that full faired standard motorcycles around this price band – like Gixxer SF or even the Pulsar RS200 etc aren’t really great sellers. In fact, Hero’s own full faired Xtreme 200S would probably be the lowest seller in its 200 range (after the Xpulse 200T) and we have already seen faired Yamaha Fazer 250 failing due to lack of demand. Yes, the super-sporty and gorgeous looker R15 is an exception and the Karizma is not here to rival it anyway.

This aggressive launch price can give it the much needed initial traction and later on, once there is ample amount of hype (and demand) for it, Hero may gradually increase it to the levels it wants the motorcycle to be sold at – similar to the sales model that it is following for the Harley X440.

So, under this backdrop – what do you think the price for the new Karizma should be…?