2023 Activa Smart – Anti-Theft & Other Key Features

2023 Activa features set now gets richer with the introduction of the new smart key that adds a lot of convenience updates to the largest seller..

Honda officially announced the launch of its 2023 Activa that now becomes OBD2 compliant ahead of the Government’s deadline of April 2023 yesterday (link to launch story). But more importantly, it has become ‘smart’ as the company has added a new Smart key to it that adds a lot of new useful features.

2023 Activa Features

Here is a quick list of the key features that the scoot now comes with…

  • Theft Prevention – The new Activa comes with an anti-theft feature that will prevent your scooter from getting stolen. We have discussed in brief how it works below…
  • Smart Start – It is also possible to start the new Activa without using the physical key if the smart key is within the range of 2 meters. You just need to rotate the knob and push the starter button to get going.
  • Smart Unlock – You can unlock (and lock) your scooter with the help of this smart key without actually using the physical key. Further adding to the safety of this feature – the scoot automatically gets deactivated in case there is no activity for 20 seconds.
  • Smart Find – There is an answer back feature on the 2023 Activa. When you push the button, all the four side blinkers blink twice so that you can located your ride; very helpful in finding your vehicle amidst tons specially in large parking spaces.
2023 activa features

Theft Prevention

The smart key is mapped to the ECU of the scooter by a matching ID. There is an immobilizer system in between. If the ID does not match, any non-registered key can not start the scooter as the immobilizer system does not get activated.

Aside this, it also comes with alloy wheels and features like jolt free ACG starter, tumble flow, friction reduction, fuel efficient tyres, etc.

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The fully loaded Smart variant of the new Activa is priced at Rs 80,537 – which is a premium of Rs 3501 over the Deluxe variant. There is a new color shade of Pearl Siren Blue that has been added to the palette.

These features, that are often seen on electric scooters, are expected to soon percolate to other ICE scooters as well.