Yamaha Unveils 2022 TRICITY; Now Euro5 Compliant

2022 Yamaha Tricity now comes with many betterments like longer wheelbase, added suspension travel along with new Euro5 compliant engines.

Though Yamaha tread cautiously and play safe with their offerings in our country, in the global market, the Jap is very bold & ambitious with products like the three-wheeled Niken motorcycle and the popular three-wheeled Tricity 125 & Tricity 155 scooters. 

2022 Yamaha Tricity

Mind you, ‘Three-wheeled’ here means – two wheels at the front and one at the rear!!

So, in the latest news, Yamaha have updated their popular Tricity three-wheeled scooter range – Tricity 125 and Tricity 155 –  with new hearts. 

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Powering these updated scooters are the new Euro-5 compliant engines. In the Tricity 125, the new engine now produces 12.1 BHP while in Tricity 155, the power figure stands at 15 BHP. 

2022 Yamaha Tricity

To make the new engines Euro-5 complaint, the company boasts the use of forged pistons, newly designed cylinder-head and a large intake valve along with increased compression ratio. Company further claims that these changes have improved the performance of the new engines and now offer even better mileage than before. 

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The changes go beyond the engines too. The wheelbase is now 60 mm longer to improve the balance of the scooters. Since, the frame has been revised, the Japanese manufacture has replaced the rear shocks with new ones which add 90 mm of suspension travel. 

Other changes to the three-wheeled scooters include improved headlight throw, upgrades to the braking system to offer better feel to the rider and wider floorborad for added utility & comfort. Tech-wise, Yamaha have added the MyRide app to the updated Tricity range which facilitates tracking of various details alongwith managing & sharing ride data with the rider. 

The updated Tricity 125 will start reaching dealerships in August, while the bigger Tricity 155 will join its sibling later in September. We do not see any specific intents of Yamaha of bringing the tri-wheeled model to our market though.