2022 Chetak Details Revealed; Will be More Powerful

A new leaked doc reveals that 2022 Bajaj Chetak will be more powerful and will come with many internal changes…

Bajaj entered the electric scooter market with their first offering – Chetak – back in the better times of January of 2020. But soon after, the pandemic gripped the world and permanently changed the industry and our lives as we knew of. 

The global pandemic has adversely affected the semiconductor as well as many different component manufacturing which are important for smooth production of Bajaj Chetak. This has hindered Bajaj’s electric scooter to reach its full potential.

In a latest update, an online portal has shared some documents that reveal that Bajaj is working on a new model of Chetak. That will come with many changes to the internals and may be, to the feature set as well. There is also a possibility that there may be higher localisation on the new product. 

The shared doc seems to be a Type Approval Document for the Bajaj Chetak. The important information that we can gather from this leak is that the new 2022 Chetak will generate an increased output of 4.2 kW at 60 kmph along with a maximum continuous output of 4 kW at 60 kmph. 

2022 bajaj chetak

The current Chetak uses a Bosch sourced motor that makes 4.08 kW of peak power and provides 3.8 kW of maximum continuous power. The document further provides the details of the battery. It states that the installed battery will be 2.884 kWh out of which 2.480 kWh will be usable. The battery is mentioned to be 24.5 kg heavy.

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There have been frequent spy pics of the Chetak along with the upcoming Husqvarna Vektor recently. This document clears that a new version is under works.

Currently Bajaj only sells its Chetak in electric vehicles…

If we can get a Chetak that is slightly more powerful at a cheaper price, it will be able to garner more customers. Chetak, currently, is one of the most expensive offerings in its class. Even leveraging the FAME II subsidy, it costs Rs. 1.48 Lakh to its customers today. 

Bajaj Auto have announced their new EV manufacturing plant at their Akurdi location. This expansion is taking place at the same location where the original Chetak were once produced. It is expected that this EV manufacturing plant will cater to the production of electric scooters and motorcycles for Bajaj, KTM and Husqvarna brands. 

Source – Rushlane