2021 Yamaha Fascino – How Does HYBRID Function Work?

2021 Yamaha Fascino Hybrid – How does the new technology work and what all has the scooter received in this latest update…

Yamaha’s new Fascino 125 scooter was unveiled recently in India. It already looked stylish and now brings in more features. A notable update in the new Fascino is the inclusion of HYBRID technology through the Smart Motor Generator or SMG.

How Does it Work?

SMG works like an electric motor offering an assist functionality. This is beneficial when you have to accelerate the scooter from stop. The Power Assist in the 125cc BS6 engine of the new Fascino aims to reduce the instability which often happens while riding on an uphill terrain or with a pillion.

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The Power Assist function can automatically disengage itself. It happens when the engine RPM goes above a certain level or the throttle is cut off.

The rider does get to know when the HYBRID technology Power-Assist feature is active or inactive. There is an indicator on the meter console to check the status of Power Assist.

Yamaha Fascino HYBRID

Fascino 125 HYBRID: More Functions of SMG

The Smart Motor Generator also overturns the direction of electricity release. This is the reason why Fascino 125cc HYBRID offers an automatic start and stop system along with a Quiet engine Start System.

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New Fascino also comes with various other useful features such as unified braking system, LED lighting, and DRLs. Also, the scooter supports Bluetooth connectivity through the Connect X app.

Yamaha has also confirmed that the upcoming 125cc scooter Yamaha RayZR and its sibling Street Rally will also get the HYBRID technology like the Fascino.