Big Confusion: 2019 Dominar 400 Price Slashed to 1.70 Lakh?

2019 Dominar 400 price slash would make it an even bigger VFM but the question is why will Bajaj do that? Moreover, dealerships are quoting a new figure…!

Last month, Bajaj launched the 2019 Dominar 400 in India at an official price tag of Rs 1.74 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi (link to launch article). With the older Dominar Bajaj adopted a one price policy across the nation.

However, what has caught our eye is the recent update at its website. The refreshed website features the 2019 Dominar 400 but at a reduced price tag of Rs 1.70 Lakh ex-showroom, everywhere. So, has Bajaj slashed the prices, for some reason?

We called a few dealerships in Bhopal and Pune – no one in Bhopal has received the motorcycle yet and they say it will arrive as late as next month; two dealerships in Pune – Sai Service and Shourya Bajaj, quoted a slightly higher (than the originally announced 1.74 Lakh) price as the ex-showroom price. So, here is how it stands at the moment..

2019 Dominar 400 Price Confusion

Original Launch PriceRs 1,73,870
Current Website PriceRs 1,70,138
Pune Dealerships Quoted PriceRs 1,74,125

*all prices ex-showroom

2019 Dominar 400 Price

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It is really confusing why has Bajaj updated a lower price on its website and if it is the new price, why are its dealers not on the same page? And if the website price is an error (with quite precise numbers), why is it that Bajaj’s dealers in Pune are quoting a slightly higher ex-showroom price?

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If you have bought your 2019 Dominar during these days, what price did you pay for it?