Exclusive: Sporty 125 cc Suzuki Scooter Coming Soon: 2018 Swish?

Is it the 2018 Swish launch in India or something else…?

After revealing the first sniffs of a 150cc cruiser to following it up with the first every spy pics and details, BikeAdvice brings to you another exclusive sneak into Suzuki’s next product for India courtesy one of our reliable source.

After the polarising Intruder 150 (we like it by the way) Suzuki is shifting its focus to the faster moving scooter segment which has recently received Honda Grazia in the 125 cc segment. According to the very initial hints we have received, the company is about to introduce another scooter to the portfolio. Here are more details…

  • It will be a 125 cc scooter.
  • Launch, as our source informs, is scheduled to be within two months (December 2017-January 2018).
  • It will be a stylish sports scooter, something different from the Access.
  • The engine and a lot of parts are expected to be shared.

2018 Swish Launch?

This takes us to the all new 2018 Swish that Suzuki has unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last month (pictured on this page). From its last iteration which was sold in India till last year, the 2018 version gets snazzier with an apron mounted LED headlamp, DRLs and side blinkers. It has chunky 120 mm tyres – 10 inchers (not 12!), covered telescopic shock absorbers, front disc brake etc. The scoot gets an all-digital cluster and a broad seat.

2018 Swish launch

The engine-related details were not revealed by Suzuki but we believe it will continue to be a 125 cc scooter and this is what which could make way into India. Other possibilities include the majestic Burgman 125 (pictured below and unlikely since it will be a different platform) or something which we have not seen so far.

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Since we have revealed this bit to you for the first time on the internet, we will try to get you more details as and when we get them. Stay tuned…