Stunning Suzuki Intruder 150 Launched at Rs 98,340; Only 3000 More Than Gixxer SF

Intruder 150 price includes ABS (which is standard)…

If you have been following BikeAdvice you were the first to know each and every new development regarding Suzuki’s latest cruiser. We even leaked its official price a full one hour before Suzuki’s announcement at our Facebook page 🙂 .

Intruder 150 looks astonishingly good with bulbous looks, heavy chest, flowing body design, twin exhaust canisters and a big headlamp which immediately reminds us of the big Intruders.

Intruder 150: Quick Details

  • The design is sensational and quite clearly it can do with a much bigger engine.
  • The split seats are low-set, handlebar is raised and the front foot pegs are moved forward. This is to provide that low-slung cruiser like seating posture.
  • The 6-spoke alloy wheels are a direct lift from Gixxer. The tyre size is also the same and both are MRFs.
  • The headlamp is LED projector whereas the tail lamp is also an LED unit.
  • The keyhole for the ignition is mounted over the Intruder-like headlamp and AHEAD of the front visor. This is probably the first time we are seeing such a placement – it will be interesting to see how owners react to it.

  • The all-digital instrument cluster also appears to have been lifted off the Gixxer and the placement is just over the handlebar.
  • The part just under the tank appears to have specifically been hidden with (stylish) plastic to hide the hollow part as a resultant of the smaller motor.

Intruder 150 Specs

Intruder is powered by the same 154.9 cc engine of the Gixxer and produces 14.8 PS of peak power at 8000 rpm and 14 Nm of peak torque at 6000 rpm and is mated to a 5 speed gearbox. Suzuki informs that there are tuning changes to suit cruiser’s characteristics. Interestingly, they have not carried Gixxer SF’s fuel injection over to the Intruder which means it makes do with a carburetor.

Intruder 150 Price

It has grown in length (2130 mm), gets a reduced height 1055 mm, has a healthy 170 mm ground clearance (even higher than Gixxer) and weighs 148 kgs (8 kg more than Gixxer SF). It gets a 12 liter fuel tank and as we said earlier, sports the same 100/80, 140/60 tyres, both 17 inchers. Braking duties are performed by a disc brake at the front and a smaller rotor at the rear.

Intruder 150 Price

Intruder 150 Rs 98,340

*price ex-showroom Delhi

Intruder 150 gets ABS and costs only Rs 3000 more than the corresponding Gixxer SF variant (carb with ABS). Probably, Suzuki did not want Intruder 150 price to cross that mental barrier of a lakh and hence they chose to opt for a carburetor. Fuel Injection can be introduced anytime later.

Suzuki is offering it in two dual tone colours – Metallic Oort Grey/Metallic Matte Black and Glass Sparkle Black/Matte Titanium Silver.

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Clearly, design is the key element Suzuki is harping on to make a mark in the segment which has the established Avengers in 150 and 220 cc engine capacities. Some may say it looks big for that engine size but let us agree that there will be a lot of takers for it…

Intruder 150 Pics