The Hornet 160R may be ditched in favor of a bigger, new 200cc sibling...

Honda has lent minor updates to Hornet 160R – its most premium locally produced motorcycle at the moment (now that both the CBR150R and CBR250R are no more available).

2017 Hornet 160R Changes

  • They have discontinued Five colours from the lineup – Pearl Siren Blue, Pearl Night Star Black, Sports Red, Pearl Amazing White, Neo Orange Metallic. All the single-tone colours have been discontinued.
  • And the colour palette has been reduced to only four options now.
  • In place of the defunct colours, they have introduced two new colour themes – Sports Red (new) and Athletic Blue Metallic. Both these colours are based on the special edition colours which were introduced in August last year. The older colours Striking Green and Mars Orange continue to be on offer.
  • New Hornet 160R also comes with AHO.
  • It gets a power reduction from 15.66 bhp to 15.04 bhp (0.62 bhp) at the same 8500 rpm. Torque has remained at 14.76 Nm (at 6500 rpm).
  • For some reason, Honda’s official website lists the wheelbase at 1346 mm which is 1 mm more than the older version.
  • Loss of weight – New Hornet 160R loses 2 kg of flab if we go by the official specs updated at the official website. The 2017 version weighs 138 kg (std) and 140 kg (CBS) as compared to 140 and 142 kg of the older version.

The Hornet 160R was officially announced as a BS4 model from day 1.

2017 Hornet 160R Price

Hornet 160R STD Rs 82,095
Hornet 160R CBS Rs 86,595

*price ex-showroom Delhi

As compared to the prices announced in August 2016, there is an increment of Rs 682 for both the variants.

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  1. this time honda done a marvelous sticker job. this sticker job increases the performance by 25% , lighting by 50%, mileage by 75%. the beautiful brains behind honda is like there is no kill switch, no dc electricals, no 60 watt headlight and no 8 amps battery. but with this sticker job honda has achieved all the above


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