2016 Ducati Diavel Spotted; Looses Sportiness, Goes the Traditional Cruiser Way!

If there is one category of motorcycles we will want to flourish, it has to be the ‘Sports Cruisers’! When we rode the Diavel many many months ago (read road test report here), obviously the first time we ever did, it appeared as if we have tasted blood! Sports Cruisers are not your typical front stretched, long-reach cruisers but are a modern take on them and appeal to folks who prefer sports motorcycles but with a little cruiser touch to it…

However, what we see here is something we are not sure, if we like! The pinnacle of Sports Cruisers – Diavel has been spotted in its next-generation avatar by the folks at Visordown.com. The flatter tank gives it a longer, more cruiser-type look. The front-heavy ready-to-leap-forward aggressive intent is not seen on this mule.

2016-Ducati-Diavel-Spy-Pics (1)

And hey look at the final drive – there is a belt in there, in place of the conventional chain we have known Diavel for! The V-twin motor is visible but we can not fail to notice the absence of those exhaust pipes! Another cruiser-touch are those forward-set front foot pegs which, on the current model, forms one inherent characteristic of it being a ‘Sports’ cruiser!

2016-Ducati-Diavel-Spy-Pics (2)

There is a lot to talk about but we will keep it limited to this, since we are not liking this a wee bit! Let us hope, Visordown is wrong in deciphering it as the next Diavel, may be in an unlikely event, it is some other motorcycle under works, may be….! Ducati, what are you upto…?