2012 Ninja 250R Special Edition

Greetings! Not many days have passed since the Ninja 650 was rolled out and here we have some great news for all the Ninja fans across the world. Ninja 250R is certainly a bike that comes to everybody’s mind when one speaks of 250cc bikes. Ninja 250 fans across the world have a reason to celebrate as the 2012 Special Edition of the bike with varied color schemes has been spotted in Thailand from where the bike is sent across the world.

Apart from introducing new color schemes the company hasn’t made any significant changes to bodywork, engine, underpinnings or the mechanicals of the bike. Not only this, even the instrument cluster remains unchanged but the new color schemes are quiet good enough to calm the Ninja fans for now.

There is still a doubt whether these awesome color combos will be served to Indian consumers.  Lack of color options is probably one that hurts Indian consumers and so bringing in some new colors will only enhance the company’s brand. However there isn’t any update available that can assure that these colors are for India, we will have to wait and see if these color options are introduced in India or not but for now nothing can be assured.

The new color schemes are awesome as they add a sporty look to the bike. Also there is no denying the fact that introducing the color alternatives will attract more customers and enhances the bike’s creditability. The new Special Edition sports improved graphics and good sticker work that adds to the looks of the bike in more than one ways.  All in all, one can say that the company has tried to give this bike a new dimension by trying to add new colors and graphics. We will have to wait and see if the Special Edition succeeds or not when it is introduced.