Hero Honda recently launched a new CBZ Xtreme, new Glamour and a new Karizma ZMR. All of them were only minor face-lifts with a few new features. Hero Honda also launched a new Hunk a few days back along with a new ad which features the punchline Reverse is never an option! 🙂

Let us look at what is new in this 2011 model. This new Hero Honda Hunk comes with a new anolog + digital speedometer. They call it Ano-Digital.

New visor has contours for the muscle look.

New LED tail lamps. Red Hot.

Key-chain features Hero Honda Logo.

Hunk logo on the side skirts.

Digital speedo has a clock.

New paint for GRS suspension.

Several photos in super high resolution available at – Hunk Picasa Album & BikeAdvice Facebook Fan Page

Comprehensive review coming soon! Stay tuned!

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  • nitin

    Today I saw CBZ Exterme new vesion. It is very cool. But this bike is being tested by showroom people and the rider was not the owner, hence i couldn’t know any ownership experience nor cost.

    • nitin

      Oh, forgot to mention, 2011 cbz extreme is damn sexy compared to 2011 hunk. I always liked CBZ but had some complaints in the looks and features departments. Now this bike is all rounder and if i didn’t possess a bike by now, i would have booked it. I congratulate hero honda for their effort in making the legendary cbz to a sexy machine. I always hated hero honda for their sticker jobs, but this machine is really marvelous.

      • sumit

        he dud cbz xtrem old modle is cool and sexy but 2011 cbz not cool .cbz new is 3rd class look..mai cbz lene gya tha per wo muje aur mere dosto ko bilkul bhi achi nhi lgi… Hunk ka new look bhut acha hai. Try kro …

  • Just Compare it With Honda Dazzler…….

    • sumit

      hero honda hunk not comper too any 150 and 180 bike and to bajaj, tvs and honda .. Hero honda hunk is very good bike…

  • Praveen

    great looking design…with mono cross suspension,split seats & engine cowl would be fantastic for it…(waiting for the review)



  • Dinesh P

    hi deepak!!
    where can i find the other shade of all new HUNK..??

  • Arun

    The addins are are really welcomable. digital speedo was the one kept hunk back in competition of 150cc bikes

  • Gughan

    “reverse is never an option”……it has gt nothin 2 do with dis

  • Rajat Pandey

    Hunk looks a lot muscular den b4…
    Let’s c its performance later…….

  • Sudeep Mirza

    tht luks gr8!

    but are there any changes in the basic machine? or is it only a facelift??

  • ravi

    urgent…i have to buy a byk within 2 days
    which 1???
    hunk or cbz xtreme????

    • Mathi

      defenitely CBZ….Thats all rounder in phase of performance…that bike suits everyone and gives a macho look.. Hunk ll b little bit shorter but weighter than that of CBZ

    • ramesh bista

      xtreme will b better i think

      • Abhilash

        ya i also think so……….,,,, but new hunk is also very cool..what do you think???
        i like the dobule disk brakes……….?????

  • Pritam Ghosh

    HH Making fool to the Indian…..The return of Hunk…:)

  • Heme

    The news seems to be old, looking at the pictures I think this model was already launched at the end of 2010. I am a proud owner of MY New HH.Hunk bought 3 months back.

  • sradhasis

    the hunk should hv a kick…with self like karizma r……can we attach a kick..in new hunk..if then reply me

  • Ankur Jain

    Isn’t this the same as the one launched few months ago. Whats the difference between the then and now bike ?


  • ramesh bista

    certain changes , but looks almost the same look as previous model. make certain changes in its outlooks also

  • usman

    H Hunk is maintainance free & best bike for Indian roads,

  • Swapnil Gaanu

    Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for posting the New Hunk’s pictures, i have heard that the New hunk comes with an option of rear Disk Brake also..the picture posted above are of the version of Rear Drum brake.

  • fas

    This looks really good. I think the digital display is quite good.

  • Laxmi

    I am surprised to see 2011 New Hunk preview, the bike is already came out 2 months back, why am saying is I purchased the bike on March15th what ever the changes are showing above same feature are available in my bike then how they are saying now this bike is 2011 New Hunk now

  • sarath

    great photography and great byk

    • Sukracharyya Biswas

      yeah i agree with u…………..great photography and great byk

  • Prabakar

    Not so visible UG. Tail light looks very ugly when light is off. Waiting for pulsar UG hopefully with 4 valve perfomance and more sexy styling& colour combos.

  • deepak sahu

    i have buy new hunk this feb. Its a good bike nd new feature is also make it real hunk like digi meter nd tail led. I have no prob without kick. Self start is powerful. For any query mail me.

    • Dinesh P

      hey deepak wats ur id…??

  • ajay

    please tell me about 2011 cbz xtreme’s mileage & performance with new pics.

    • honey

      45 to 50 km/litter

  • vky

    hunk is un beetable please dont ignore it

  • Sukracharyya

    Hey friends,plz tell me
    What is the actual city mileage of new hero honda hunk?……

    i want to buy it within a month…it looks awesome,& i am feeling hero honda bikes are realy good in service & performance as well as comfort…..if bike gives 50 kmpl in city,then,no problem for me to buy this beast

    so plz help as soon as possible……

  • Sukracharyya Biswas

    Hey friends,plz tell me
    What is the actual city mileage of new hero honda hunk?……

    i want to buy it within a month…it looks awesome,& i am feeling hero honda bikes are realy good in service & performance as well as comfort…..if bike gives 50 kmpl in city,then,no problem for me to buy this beast

    so plz help as soon as possible……

  • sandaruwan

    i want to by a new cbz or new hunk.what is the best bick

  • Nirvan

    Both bike have same features. The only difference is their external looks, which depends on each individual. Their taste. Rest everything is same!

  • kavish

    New models of Hank’s brother to me and she is good enough to give honest feedback so you should take a hunk.HUM MAI HAI HERO

  • anas k

    veray good hunk

  • karthik

    does the new color “blazing red” fade after 1 year????
    i’m planing to buy this bike!! initially i had my dbts over cbz & hunk….but i guess cbz does not get the muscle look as that of the hunk… & i hate the unique look of cbz’s head (visors).
    8.4/10 for hunk & 7.5/10 for cbz.

  • *LoneWolf*

    One thing i cannot help commenting “Reverse is never an option” is very funny, silly, and stupid. Moronism bugs the tagline.

  • Nithindev

    hi guys,
    me also think that the new CBZ Xtream uncomparable with respect to hunk for its spoty look and perfomance.so that new xtream2011 got more prize than hunk.exactly what happend Hunk failed to upgrade with respect to xtream.
    cbz xtream has got the following than hunk
    1)double locking system
    2)split seat
    3)new degital console
    4)anti drag fuel tank
    5)diamond lusture head light
    6)5spoke double fragmented alloys
    7)prism shell led lamp
    so friends take a good turn before your decision.