2011 Hero Honda Hunk Preview

Hero Honda recently launched a new CBZ Xtreme, new Glamour and a new Karizma ZMR. All of them were only minor face-lifts with a few new features. Hero Honda also launched a new Hunk a few days back along with a new ad which features the punchline Reverse is never an option! 🙂

Let us look at what is new in this 2011 model. This new Hero Honda Hunk comes with a new anolog + digital speedometer. They call it Ano-Digital.

New visor has contours for the muscle look.

New LED tail lamps. Red Hot.

Key-chain features Hero Honda Logo.

Hunk logo on the side skirts.

Digital speedo has a clock.

New paint for GRS suspension.

Several photos in super high resolution available at – Hunk Picasa Album & BikeAdvice Facebook Fan Page

Comprehensive review coming soon! Stay tuned!