Hero Honda Comes Up With New CBZ Xtreme

It’s been many days since we heard something from Hero Honda in terms of new launches. Now we have got one finally. Here comes the new CBZ Xtreme. This 150cc bike underwent no serious facelifts since its inception. Probably, that should have been the reason for Hero Honda to have chosen this particular bike to deal with an immediate facelift.

I want to stress the point here that these upgrades that are been incorporated are all essentially mere cosmetic upgrades and nothing in terms of mechanical stuff. But, I for my part feel that this good looking bike certainly needed an upgrade at this point of time as its looks have become pretty boring and regular. So, I consider it a right move for the right bike at the right time.

Well, let’s now get a little deeper into the topic. First to notice is the meter console. The new CBZ Xtreme has now got a sexy Digital-Analog Meter Console. The layout is very neat and matches to the looks of any present day bike. The small fuel meter makes the console look even more gorgeous. The digital speedo is backed up with a blue backlight.

The ignition switch now comes with a shutter, very similar to that in Honda Activa and Suzuki Access. This move enhances the bike’s safety to a certain extent; Really smart. There is also a minor change in the headlamp design. Hero Honda has named it as Diamond Lustre Headlight.

A notable change in the Xtreme is its fuel tank. It’s now called Anti-Drag Fuel Tank. In literal terms, side covers are added onto the fuel tank. The new 5 spoke alloys for the front and rear wheel is certainly an eye catcher. Also, both the front and the rear wheels come equipped with the discs for the users to experience very effective and precise braking.

Xtreme has always been known for its all LED tail lamp. There is a slight change in its cover as well. Its termed Prism Shell LED Tail Lamp. There is a thin white coloured curve like marking observed at the centre. But, the change is still very visible.


I’ll to mention without a pause, its split seats. I’ve observed a lot of CBZ users getting their seats converted to split ones. Now, you don’t have to go for one such change because the all new CBZ Xtreme comes as such, housing a sporty cool look. A small undercowl for the engine is also added to step up the looks. Heat shield guards are added onto the exhausts.

Performance wise, the engine remains untouched. It’s the Air-cooled, ATFT engine displacing 149.2cc producing a maximum power of 10.6KW @ 8500rpm and a maximum torque of 12.8Nm @ 6500rpm. The rear suspension is now taken care by 5 step adjustable GRS (Gas Reservoir Suspension) as in the case of Hunk. The diameters of front and rear discs are of 240mm and 220mm respectively. I gotta tell you this now – Hero Honda claims that Xtreme takes only 5 seconds to hit 60 kmph mark from a stagnant zero.

This bike is available in a set of 5 exciting colour range – Sports Red, Panther Black Metallic, Flaming Orange, Digital Silver and Max Brown Metallic. The all new Xtreme is now priced at INR 68,942 (On=Road, New Delhi), INR 72247 (On=Road, Mumbai), INR 68975 (On=Road, Chennai) and INR 68405 (On=Road, Kolkata). The Xtreme also comes with a breakthrough service package for 3 years/40000 kms.

‘Live Off The Edge’ is the new tagline for this bike. With features and performance like the above mentioned, one can really dare to live the way its tagline actually wants us to. Of course, with the ‘Bike’. No wonder!

Author – BikeAdvice.in