Lockdown: Makers Report Loss of 5.74 Lakh 2-Wheelers in March

2-wheeler sales March 2020 present a very gloomy picture of the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Things may get worse in the days to come!

It’s literally a bloodbath in the market! The auto industry was reeling under a massive downslide for the last 16 odd months and then this COVID-19 pandemic emerged disrupting the whole world. As a result, the Government of India had to go for a complete lockdown of 21 days in the last part of March 2020.

This meant that auto makers had to shut their factories, dealerships had to close shops, customers had to remain at home – no production and no sale! As a result, whatever numbers you will see will be shockingly lower than the already dismal figures of last year. March 2020 was also the last month to sell BS4 vehicles in India.

In the month of March 2020, a total of 866,849 units were sold as compared to 14,40,593 units of March 2019. This is a shortfall of whopping 5,73,744 units or almost 40 percent over last March.

2-wheeler sales March 2020
Most of the high sellers have already been transitioned to BS6 by their makers…

Individually, mopeds suffered the biggest loss, followed by motorcycles and then scooters. Here are the respective numbers…

2-Wheeler Sales March 2020

TypeMarch 2019March 2020Drop

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Mopeds sales dropped to less than half whereas motorcycles reported loss of 4.11 lakh units and scooters were down by 1.26 lakh units – as compared to the last March (2019).

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The situation will worsen in the first month of this new financial year as India lives in complete lockdown for the whole month of April (it has been extended till 03 May 2020).