2-Wheeler Retail Sales Comparison of Last Three Festive Seasons

2-wheeler festive sales for this year have been remarkably lower and in fact FADA is terming them as decade worst period for dealers…

FADA had already shared its monthly retail sales data for October 2021 and along with that it has also sent the 42 day festive period data that is generally considered as the best period of the year. Festive period here refers to the 1st day of Navratri to 15 days post Dhanteras.

And that is not a great read if you are an automobile manufacturer. In the 2019 festive period – just a few months before the Corona havoc, India registered total sales of 20.35 lac units. It must be noted that these are retail sales and 2-wheeler sales were already under major downfalls since 2018 onwards.

A year later, in festive 2020, sales fell to 19.38 Lac units – almost a lac lesser than 2019 period. And a generic consensus says that we were at the most normal period this year when Corona was not a big threat and restrictions and lockdowns were all relaxed. So, that should have resulted in better sales, right?

Wrong! Because in Festive 2021, 2-wheeler retail sales fell to 15.79 Lac units – about 4.5 Lac units lesser than the corresponding periods in 2019 and 2.5 Lac units shorter of 2020.

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2-Wheeler Festive Sales Comparison

Festive 2021Festive 2020Festive 2019

FADA tells us that this was the worst festive season for dealers in a decade as buying sentiments were low despite a near normal atmosphere.

2-Wheeler Festive Sales
2-wheelers have become 20-30 percent costlier in a very short duration impacting sales…

Quite clearly, insane price increments on products necessitated by increase in manufacturing costs (and partly by manufacturers’ will), along with sky rocketing fuel prices have impacted buyers decisions as they pushed their purchases.

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When will the golden period prior to 2018 return for the 2-wheeler industry is not known but frequent regulations, insane price hikes should stop to ensure that the 2-wheeler industry returns to its growth phase.


Vehicle retail data compiled by FADA in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and contains data from 1357 RTOs across India (out of total 1570). It excludes data from four states – AP, MP, TS and LD as they are still not on Vahan 4.

Festival dates for each year listed below..

  • 29th Sep to 9th Nov 2019
  • 17th Oct to 28th Nov 2020
  • 7th Oct to 17th Nov 2021