So How BIG is Hero in 100-125cc Motorcycle Segment…?

We list 100-125cc motorcycle sales numbers for this financial year so far. This will give you an idea of how massive is Hero here…

We all know that the world’s largest 2-wheeler manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp is massive in the entry level motorcycle segment. In fact, it earns most of its bread from the 100-125cc segment and has little or no presence in sportier segments.

In this story let us share the cumulative sales figures of the 100-125cc motorcycle segment for this fiscal and see how big is the difference between the top makers..

100-125cc Motorcycle Sales

MakerApr-Nov 2020 SalesDeficit with Hero
Hero MotoCorp33,30,889

So, as you can see T-H-I-S is how big Hero’s sales difference is with the second and third rankers. In fact, Hero alone sells double of all the three remaining players in this segment.

100-125cc Motorcycle Sales
Bajaj with its CTs and Platinas is a distant number 2…

In fact, once this segment saw many players trying to compete fiercely, however, in the last few years, many manufacturers – including biggies like Yamaha, Suzuki and even TVS (in the 125cc) have give up and are no more part of the competition – either fully or partially.

100-125cc Motorcycle Sales
Honda Shine is a worthy contender in the 125cc space…

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Such is the dominance of Hero that it sells four times the numbers achieved by Bajaj and Honda. Hero’s Splendor is the leader in the 100cc space and is the largest selling motorcycle in the world in terms of volumes with no rival anywhere close. In the 125cc segment also its Glamour and Super Splendor duo are the biggest sellers but Honda’s Shine is a close competitor here.

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Now you know why Hero can not give up on introducing tons of Splendors and its variants in the market!